Hockey Night in Canada Feature on Braden Holtby

You ain’t hockey-famous until you get a feature on Hockey Night in Canada. As of right now, Caps goalie Braden Holtby is officially famous. On CBC’s Inside Hockey segment (brought to you by the little blue pill), 30-dimensional thinker Elliotte Friedman gave Holtby and his family the Barbara Walters treatment.

In the video beyond the jump, Friedman talks to Holtby about growing up in Saskatchewan, following in his father’s footsteps with the Saskatoon Blades, Holtbyisms (natch), and how he keeps cool under pressure. Braden gives an affable interview, but he also talks about controlling his emotions as if he were a Vulcan. Holtby’s parents get some good screen time while rocking Caps merch (check out Braden’s dad Greg rolling his eyes during the Holtbyisms chat), but the star of the clip is Holtby’s hair.

Goodness gracious. Just look at it.

For convenience sake, I looked up those books Friedman mentions at the start. Mind Gym by Gary Mack (2002, McGraw-Hill) is a well reviewed book  about sports psychology containing “the same techniques and exercises he uses to help elite athletes build mental “muscle.”” The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma (2008, HarperCollins) has a blurb that reads like a Joel Osteen lecture. I’m not gonna go near these books, but if you’re looking to get ahead on your studies for next semester, give RMNB a book report on either one.

Photos of Braden Holtby as a Kid

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  • @CapsFans1921

    This man, and his quirks are the key to the Caps going deep. If he is able to cope with the mounting pressure, and mentally rebound from the losses. I truly believe the Caps are looking another 19  games of hockey.

    Go Caps!

    Go Holtbeast!

  • boutros23

    I want to be a Holtby.

  • this is just awesome. you guys are unbelievable 

  • omg I want to adopt the Holtby’s. So adorable. 

  • @HersheyBears Fan

    Great piece. Good luck Holts through the rest of the playoffs. Wish you were still with us in Hershey.

  • Truth Seekr

    Despite not having a single comment approved by a moderator, I will nevertheless declare that I am currently eating a slice of pizza. This act of eating reminds me of long walks down the promenade in Russia, when me and my beloved Natushka used to suck each others faces and pass our regurgitated food between our tongues. Go Capitals!

  • Weird enough to get an upvote from me.

  • CT

    He and his father look exactly alike


  • Sgt. Hartman

    Also…the best playoff beard on the entire squad.  He’ll be in full Jayson Werth abundance by the time the finals are underway.

  • If management does to Holtby what they did to Varlamov I’ll be pretty POed

  • nerds!

    Thank god it was sponsored by viagra haha

  • Management did nothing but treat Varly well.

    When Varly was injured, COACHING gave Neuvy the start. When Varly’s agent made noise about not re-signing with the team and going back to the KHL, GMGM made an effort to deal him to a NA team where he could be the #1.

    The Caps treated Varly very well.

  • Rhino40

     Best playoff beard?  You are probably correct, Sarge.  But most interesting playoff beard?  My vote would have to go to that which is sported by Jason Chimera (a.k.a. The Ice Cheetah).  It seems like a hybrid between a quasi-Lincolnesque Amish beard and the prehensile goatee worn by Gerald Butler in 300

    This is madness?  This.  Is. HOCKEY!!!!

    Please discuss…

  • KareeLyn

    I accidentally just sat through the whole 10 minute Vulcan mating clip….

  • haha you’re welcome!

  • Dpierce4g63


  • Ruubydoo

    Although, with Philipp Grubauer being declared as the future, either Holtby or Neuvy could see the same fate that Jim Carrey did in Washington. But chances are, Neuvy has more trade value. 

  • Tojohnson12

    If Holtby keeps this up, I really don’t see him getting traded in favor of Grubauer.

  • PuckBuddyDoug

    Is is just me, or do Braden’s pupils appear EXTRA dilated? Do the books do that to you? 

  • I’ve been told to hold my tongue about what I think the GMGM should do with Holtby until the offseason.

    So this conversation creates anxiety for me.

  • Roadworrier

    I think the Holtbeast has Hershey in the rear view mirror now. He belongs to the world now. He has gone toe to toe with Thomas and Lundquist. Hoping he gets Brodeur next…….