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This year has been something of a breakout for Jason Chimera, with the speedy winger hitting a career-high 20 goals and becoming a key piece of the Capitals’ depth. You didn’t have to tell Henrik Lundqvist he could score — Chimera now has goals in three consecutive postseason games against the Rangers, going back to the last game of the Caps/Rangers series in 2011, and has become something of a personal nightmare for the All-Star goalie.

You can’t expect the goals to come easy against a netminder of that caliber though, and Chimera’s tally in the Caps’ 3-2 win on Monday was anything but. Following a crazypants individual effort from Matt Hendricks and an equally crazy almost-save from Lundqvist, Chimera finished off the team’s efforts to tap the goal in. We take a closer look below.

Wonderboy Phenom Chris Kreider comes out of the box and dashes down the ice. He cannot afford for this game to go into overtime. He has not finished his math homework.

Braden Holtby several miles out of the crease, as per norm.


People in the zone: Carlson, Alzner, and a rookie. Somehow we think this is going to turn out okay.

Oops, now you’ve let Jason Chimera have a bunch of open ice. Bad idea, Rangers.

Rocket skates: engage.

That special moment when the opposing players realize they are not going to win this footrace.

Lundqvist with his best Holtby impression.

Accidentally in a stick battle with a forward.

And losing a stick battle with a forward.

This not how Lundvqist saw this turning out.

Hendricks is backwards and trying to shoot through his own legs and two Rangers, but when has that ever stopped him before?

Nobody has any idea what’s going on.

Ryan McDonagh doesn’t know where the puck is. Jason Chimera knows where the puck is.

And he knows what to do with it.


Speed kills, kids.

Here’s a good overhead look at the goalmouth scramble.

Gif by Dimagus.

  • Chimmer banked it in off McDonagh’s skate.  It’s an ugly goal, but they count the same.  I have to say that was a sick move by Hendy.

  • capsfansince93

    hahaha, this is the greatest

  • LOL! Especially at several miles, rocket skates, and Holtby impression.  *This* is why I love RMNB!

  • oupodno

    Sucks to be the teammate Lundqvist pummels in the face with his stick at the end…

  • “He has not finished his math homework.” LOL.

  • Esa Tikkanen WHY

    Henrik Lundqvist – he can’t hold his stick

    He can’t skate, he can’t skate
    Faster than Chimera

  • pattyo

    Serious Props to Henrik for stopping hendy! Thank the hockey gods chimmer learned how to scoar!

  • Lundqvist puts stick RIGHT IN THE MOUTH of Stralman. LOL

  • Roadworrier22

    “Lundbeast”….nahhh that doesn’t work.  Henrik doesn’t really like being out of the crease.  It messes up his hair.

  • Rhino40

    Great piece, Ana…and to think that it wasn’t that long ago we called him “Concrete Hands”.  Now he is…The Ice Cheetah!!!.

    Love the site, and the Front Page event was my best.  Party.  Experience.  Ever.

    Couple of ideas for ya:

    –How about a feature on Chimmer’s unusual playoff beard–sort of a cross between the a quasi-Lincolnesque Amish beard and the prehensile goatee worn by GeraldButler in 300.

    –New shirt designs are great (Super 8 is totes my favorite), but how about one to honor The Ice Cheetah?


    (a.k.a. Das Nashorn)

  • Sentientcheese

    That puck was going to go in regardless. anyone notice Beagle coming in to dig for.. find… and destroy that puck like a well trained.. erm.. beagle.

  • FlyersFan610

    As i watch this GIF over and over, all i can hear is Ryan McDonagh yelling “HEEEYYYYY YOUUU GUYYSSSSS!!!!” Like sloth in goonies as he storms the net blindly… this whole thing makes me smile. GO Flyers *cough cough* i mean caps…