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You watched games one and two. You know New York Rangers fans taunted Alex Ovechkin. You know Ovi had some trouble hearing them after scoring the game-winning goal on Monday.

Here’s how it works: The Madison Square Garden crowd counts down to the 8-minute mark of each period and then chants “Ovi Sucks!” Here’s it in action:

As Ana explained earlier, the chant is a bastardization of what Ottawa Senator fans do at the 11-minute mark to celebrate their captain, Daniel Alfredsson. So it’s like an homage, except mean-spirited and awful. Good news is that Caps superfan Sam “Horn Guy” Wolk plans to redeem the tradition with a remix of the remix. Please consider the following for Game Three tonight.

At 8:08 of each period, start counting down the seconds 8 – 7 – 6 – 5, etc.  until the 8:00 mark.

Then you will chant  “O-V!” eight times.

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it shows solidarity for Ovi (even if he doesn’t need it).

But really, it’s how we’ll remind Rangers fans that we still do their own cheers better than they do.

Sam tells me the horn will not be involved, and everyone’s screams need to be in unison. To make that happen, you’re gonna have to tell your friends, family, and everyone that you know who’s going to the game about this post and prepare them. Spread the word.

Make us hear you.

  • Just do it every period and It will probably be going strong by the 3rd.

    For the record, I think the Sens fans started it as a pro-Alfredsson chant; the Rags fans defiled it.

  • Jay

    How about a countdown to the 8:30 minute mark followed by everyone yelling “Beagle!” 83 times?

  • This is with 8:08 remaining, right?  

  • Mcrere_va

    Ranger fans had to steal a chant-they’re certainly not bright enough to come up with anything original

  • Elkremodeling

    in each period

  • PedroDewey

    Can we add that we should change O-V! quickly.  I’m sure there will be a fair amount of Rangers fans in attendance that will yell “Sucks!” inbetween the chants if we do it slowly.

  • PedroDewey

     Change?  I typed “Chant”.  I don’t know if I got spell-corrected by some S/W or my brain. 🙂

  • Rt0096

    Let’s create our own original chant…

  • Holtbelieve

    Seems like Rangers fans got called out for stealing it from Sens…what does that make us?

  • I’m not sure what the harm is in being “called out” beyond the normal fan-to-fan bickering.

    Culture has been appropriating and remixing itself for as long as it’s been around. If we are to righteously reclaim this one, it would make us competent stewards of culture– and a group that doesn’t rely on putting “sucks” at the end of a line to make a point.

  • Great idea. Where’s your execution? Where’s your consensus?

    Hurry. You’ve got 5 hours.

  • Not a problem.

    “O – Vi Sucks” is a 1-2-3 (rest) pattern.

    “O! V!” is a 1 – 2 (repeat) pattern.

    There’s no space for it.

  • Elkremodeling

    we are not calling anyone out we are supporting Ovie… and that makes us the best damn fans in the NHL!

  • Matt

    I don’t like the chant because it is unoriginal, and I know we could come up with something way better, like something about Torts. 

  • Ruski

    I’m fairly certain OVIE himself asked us to chant, “OV GOOD, OV GOOD”

  • Cappies

    Probably too late to get people to do this by now, but I was thinking of maybe at the 8 minute mark, since our intro for the playoffs does have “Seven Nations Army” song in it. To do “Oooooo O O O OVIEEE” and so on. 

  • Cappies
  • Matt

    At the 6:00 mark, can we chant “We want Or-Lov”?


    Kind of.

  • Yea what is that chant in NY? any how lets go Caps! I think Ovi has a monster game being back with Backstrom.

  •  If I said this and somehow missed you saying it in the Article, I’m a doofus. If you edited the article to include it, I’m probably still a doofus.

  • nice, that was awesome. Go caps. Go Ovi.

  • Bucky Katt

    How about a good ole fashioned Russian cheer?  Shaibu (Shy-boo).
    Basically, put the puck in the net. :0)

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