Braden Holtby parents

Last night was a rough one for all of us, especially if you happened to be there to see the game in person. If you’re still smarting from the Caps’ 3OT loss, think of it this way: at least you weren’t watching your son get discs of vulcanized rubber shot at his face all night.

We were first introduced to Braden Holtby‘s parents on Tuesday, when HNIC’s Elliotte Friedman did a feature on the family at their Lloydminster, Saskatchewan home. We got to see them in Washington on Wednesday night, as they made the trip to the Verizon Center to watch their son play. As you can imagine, it seemed to be a nerve-wracking experience for them, and got footage of their reactions to their son’s various saves and heroics.

Video is below the jump, and we guarantee you will recognize some of the emotions they’re very visibly going through.

When the Rangers scored to end the game, the disappointment showed on the Holtbys’ faces for a few seconds, but then they immediately, enthusiastically applauded their son. No matter the outcome, Braden gave them plenty of reason to be proud last night.

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  • I absolutely LOVE that video … Mama Holtby has nerves of steel 🙂

  • His dad kinda looks like Michael J. Fox.

  • DebbieDowner

    Umm, just heard like some of the most disturbing news ever…. Holtby’s “girlfriend” is expecting a baby like TODAY pretty much. Don’t people know what cause that nowadays?? Dude!!! And, that’s like, THE LAST thing our goalie needs to worry about right now!!!! I can see it now, “Star goalie leaves in middle of game for baby to be born ruining Caps chances again this year…” Ugh, please why did I have to learn this info???

  • freckleface81

    Yikes, and apparently she’s just moved down here, too. I know that would distract the living hell out of me. I mean, they’re people and a family (soon) and have to do what they have to do, no begruding them that. But jeez.

  • Hockey kind of distracts from child-rearing too.

  • freckleface81

    Oops, didn’t hit “reply” because I’m not paying attention. I meant the girlfriend. Best of luck to them! If the way he seems during games is how he lives his whole life, he’ll be able to do both daddy and hockey well. The trick will be to stay focused on whichever task is at hand at the time.

  • Call me crazy but I love it when people have children … and I think the baby coming will be less of a distraction here than in Saskatchewan. What an exciting time for both parents.

  • ChickenLittleWasRight

    First off, let me say, I love Braden Holtby. I really do. I think he is an amazingly focused, and very special individual and the Caps are extremely lucky to have him right now. And I know people’s personal lives are their own and all that, but, with that being said, it is a tad bit unsettling to know that someone who does seem so totally together and all-knowing and super-intelligent, could end up with a pregnant girlfriend at such a young age. I mean, I know these things do happen (although usually not by accident I must say), but I just think it’s way too early in life for Braden to have the “instant family just add ring.” I know, that is my opinion, and everyone has one blah blah blah, but I really do hope that turns out well for him. And most of all, and most selfishly, I truly hope that bambino stays put until we win the damn CUP!!! lol

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  • KareeLyn

    I’m kinda with you, Debs. I’m not one to pass judgment on life decisions, but if I was a 22 year old aspiring NHL star who lived in a foreign land, I’d probably have chosen a different course in this department. Either way, just hoping it all goes well for him.