16 years ago when I was in middle school, I suffered through the second longest Capitals game in franchise history. The Caps were playing the Penguins in the 1996 playoffs and boy did I hate the Pens. Of course, you know the story. Petr Nedved ended the game in quadruple overtime with a harmless wrist shot from the sideboards past Olie Kolzig. The game ended around 2 AM and I cried all night. The next day, depressed and without any sleep, I failed both an English and a math quiz.

Well, apparently I’m not the only one that overtime playoff hockey does this to.

On Wednesday night, Hockey Night in Canada showed a montage at the end of the game showing Caps General Manger George McPhee freaking out during sudden death overtime. The normally poker-faced McPhee looks like the most uncomfortable man in the arena, standing up, sitting down, twisting and turning with the action as if he could steer the players. As the CBC announcer so beautifully states: “The pressure on McPhee: you can just see it in his face.”

Check out the video below the jump. Trust us, it’s worth a look.

Huge thanks to reader Tim Hoeck who sent over the video.

  • Eddie

    He IS human!

  • That looks like me during the game, glad we have similar intensity!

  • Sage Confucius

    That is a man who loves the game of hockey. Awesome to see!

  • Photoshop Guy

    So what’s this new commenting application? No ability to post super awesome photoshops anymore? If not, fear not I’m over on twitter at @hockeyshops 😀 Alex Semin approved to boot

  • I felt like I was coming down with the flu. Shit was so fucking intense.

  • Eileen

    Nice to see some emotion of GMGM. I remember that 1996 game…I was there!!

  • i love the tongue

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  • katattak

    Heartbreaking (both your story and the video).

  • NJtoTX

    Freaks out? Gimme a break. What a bait and switch headline. I was waiting for a meltdown that never came.

  • I love his emotion. Shows how much he cares about the team

  • Old Canucks fan

    Way to go George. Don’t ever change buddy. Extremely refreshing from a GM! Love that you care.

  • ftherangers.

    he looks like a epilectic oh my god this video is funny!!!