As Caps fans, most of us were already aware that Matt Hendricks was awesome. Perhaps we were not aware until this season just how awesome he really was, but we’ve had our eyes opened one shootout stunner and monster playoffs shift at a time. As the games have gotten bigger, so has he. All-Star goaltenders everywhere have come to fear him, and superstars brace themselves when they see him about to finish a check.

In honor of the nickname Craig Laughlin coined for Hendy earlier in the season — “The Paralyzer” — we present our new Minnesota license plate inspired t-shirt, lovingly designed by Ian Oland. You can check the shirts out in our t-shirt store here. Also, shipping is free right now through May 8th when you place an order over $30. Just use the coupon code MOTHERSDAY12 at checkout.

Now let’s enjoy some of Hendy’s greatest hits one more time.

And make sure to check out RMNB tomorrow for some more Matt Hendricks love.

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  • I want one so bad, He’s easily in my top 5 players.

  • This is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait until Friday!

  • VeggieTart

    Too bad there’s not a way to get him a penalty shot!

  • Holy crap, how did I just learn about this? THIS IS AMAZING.

  • Rhino40

    I have the answer: Put Hendy on the top line for a few shifts: When most of the Rags’ skaters converge on Ovie, Hendy is alone in the slot with time, space…and the puck = SCOAAAAR!

    Love the design, but I still wanna see one for the Ice Cheetah (#25)