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The Rangers have been advertising for Eastern Conference Finals tickets since before Game Five, but apparently that just wasn’t a big enough jinx for New Yorkers, they wanted to see if they could top it.

We understand the confidence and expectation that comes with being the number one seed — lord, do we ever. But between the sales promos, the streamers dropping from the ceiling after mid-series wins, and now this article at the New York Post that went through to print without anyone realizing that the Caps, in fact, had not lost the game, that confidence is starting to look more like arrogance.

Letter to the editor, and any Rangers fans that are still similarly confused: your team did not win last night. They lost. This series is now a best of one, winner takes all the marbles. Check your headlines, and check your hubris while you’re at it.

Caps in 7.

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  • Sheena Dunn

    And that would be Alzner NOT Knubs! Dumb New Yorkers….

  • Tortorella’s postgame interview face from last night…BEST EVER:

  • How does a paper run something like that? The Rangers were never in danger of winning last night and showed no signs of life until the last minute of the game. Can you write an article, fueled by the hope that your team will produce another miraculous victory, in the 2-3 minutes between the Rangers’ goal and the final horn? Does not compute.

  • Ana

    We don’t waste space on opponents in the t-shirt shop, but I still really, really want a t-shirt that says “STOP COACHING, PAT.”

  • lrhflute

    Don’t newspapers have fact checkers? LET’S GO CAPS! DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!

  • aradisc

    Big error. The sub-headline should read “would send”, the picture caption should read “Game 5” and “defenseman Karl Alzner”. If those changes were made, the story would be accurate for before the game.

  • Andi Bigelow


    That is all.

  • liquid8d

    I would guess maybe it was an article designed in preparation for layout the article and content, and fill in the blanks later. Think of it like Lorem Ipsum.. but wrong. I wish it was a little larger so I could see the article. Fun nonetheless 🙂

  • It was actually less than a minute left that the Rangers scored off another unlucky deflection. But I’m sure the headline writers at the New York Post have egg all over their faces.

  • richdvn
  • luke

    not only did they lose. they also looked REAL bad

  • KareeLyn

    Trying to find all the things stupid about this is futile, but also, why would the Caps be sent home in Washington…? Aren’t they already home in Washington….?

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  • MKH

    That would be fantastic… 🙂 Too bad he’ll forget about that comment by next season.

  • brian

    The NY Post has never let facts get in the way of a good story.

  • Jimmy

    Hey guys don’t mean to be a troll but i saw this link on Facebook and I am a Ranger fan. I’m am an 11th grade student and I’m probably better educated than many of the “fans” from teams like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh so please hear me out. This is from the New York Post no one from here reads the post because the people who write it are total morons. If you read the small caption it reads they won game 6 on monday. Clearly they are total assholes. As for the confetti that is because they had leftovers after the Knicks game, to my understanding, because as a New Yorker I can tell you that everyone thats not a hockey fan hate the Rangers but adore the Knicks. If you read this whole thing I thank you and respect you, if not oh well I won’t lose any sleep because I’ve been respectful and I hope informative for you all. Good luck and let’s hope Game 7 is as good as the past 6 games have been

  • Road worrier

    The least the Post could have done was show them in their correct (home red) jerseys. Wasn’t even a good parody!!

  • Jimmy

    Just in case any of you were wondering what the NY headlines for the loss were, they weren’t. Nearly all of the outlets had long winded discussions of the Knicks since their season just ended thank God

  • Jimmy

    Not all New Yorkers just hat damned newspaper

  • They don’t have egg on their faces.

    They’ve got a dozen-egg ham and cheese omelet all over their suits after that.

    Karma’s a female dog. Never offend the hockey gods. And so on.

    Hope Rangers fans enjoyed the streamers and fireworks after Game 5, because there won’t be any more of that after Saturday night’s contest.

  • Rhino40

    OMG Andi, I was just thinking exactly that as I clicked “Continue Reading”…and there it is right on top before I get to type it myself…drat!

  • Rhino40

    Yes, lrh, they do. Mostly. Just not the NY Post.

  • Rhino40

    Cranky Torts should henceforth be known as The Tort-feasor


    el stupido

  • dc

    you’re a junior? then OF COURSE you’re better educated than philly/flyer fans! thanks for the info.

  • Luke

    I love how the title doesn’t even make sense. If the Caps lost, then yes it would have been a Cap on the season, no question.

    Also, I always thought the NY Post was like our Washington Times: the crappy cousin of the much better local newspaper. I didn’t realize it was National Enquirer level.

  • Rhino40

    Think of it like Lorem Ipsum..

    Or the Etaoin Shrdlu

  • serpent

    Thanks for the great post, Jimmy! You’d make a wonderful Caps fan, if you’re ever inclined. 🙂 Seriously, I appreciate your taking the time to set the record straight.

  • I was thinking the same thing as well. GMTA.

  • Ooh, they have seriously pissed off the hockey gods, and there shall be retribution.