Caps Fans Are Ready for Game Seven

Samuel Miller’s pump-up video for Game Seven. Goosebumps!

Tonight, the Washington Capitals will try to do what they so awesomely did to Boston 17 days ago: knock off a higher-seed in their own barn. If the Caps manage to beat the Rangers in Game Seven, they’ll advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in 14 years. And just like a few weeks ago, Caps fans are doing whatever they can to send up their good karma to the Big Apple.


@annetteashley and @girlonfire5285 graduated from Liberty University today wearing their Caps jerseys under their gowns.

Hurricanes right-wing Anthony Stewart (@EhStew13) shows off who he’s rooting for tonight.

After D.R. won a 5k race today, he made sure to Rock the Red during the awards ceremony.

Todd Richard’s (@troutpol1) puppy is wearing his favorite jersey for tonight.

Phil Powers’ (@PCpowers2011) kid is wearing his oversized Ovechkin jersey at Virginia Beach.

Jessica Schmitz is studying abroad in Italy, but that didn’t stop her and her classmates from posing in the hills of Tuscany!

Tom K. (@pikappkaz) and his friends are wearing something special at Darlington for tonight’s Nascar race.

Tally Hohmann (@Tallyfromcali8) appears to have glued an Ovechkin head on her long-sleeve t-shirt.

Kristen (@KHETHERINGTON) wrote “Let’s Go Caps” in the sand at Bethany Beach.

The Ward family wears their Joel Ward jerseys. (Via @martina09)

The Steakley family is down in Texas for a wedding, but that doesn’t stop their son from wearing a Caps shirt.

Roxy (@capsxorxgtfo) has to work — and wear all black — but that’s not stopping her from wearing her caps gear under her work shirt.

Here’s the Harley family Rocking the Red at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. (Via @Elle_Harley)

Perri’s (@not_a_platypus) Ovechkin and Eagle dolls appear to be cuddling before the big game tonight.

Here’s a nice video sent in by Sergei F.

Here’s what Mike U.’s (@mrmikeu21) wearing tonight.

Even with a sinus and ear infection, Melissa’s (@unibrouw) pumped for tonight.

Camilla A. (@Camcoco10) is wearing Caps red and her stuffed animal, Spot the Panda, is rocking a “Let’s Go Caps” cape.

Dear god, so adorable. This is from Front Page Arlington (where you should be watching the game tonight).

Rick Skelton’s (@ArtisticRick) shuttle bus to the Manassas Air Show had a weagle on the side of it.

Look at these angels! Here’s Walter’s (@wseaberg) kids rocking the red for tonight.

Sean Otterson (‏@CapsfanOtt) has to work tonight, but he’s still wearing some Caps gear.

Clare’s (@blondecai) apparently holding in the vomit because she thought about the Rangers winning.

Yesenia (@YeseniaRose) is supporting the Caps all the way out in Los Angeles!

Here’s one of the Knuble’s Knights rocking a RMNB t-shirt on top of the Empire State Building.

Here’s my ferret — Ovechtrick Odysseus Oland (“Tricky” for short) — rocking his homemade Caps jersey.

Finally, we saved the best for last. Here’s RMNB’s Peter Hassett (@peterhassett) rocking “Bailamos.” YES!