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We learned a week ago that Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee can get quite animated during games. During the third period of Game Seven, McPhee’s emotions boiled over late while the Caps power play sputtered.

The Capitals trailed from the onset, but they suffered what seemed to be a death blow when Michael Del Zotto rifled a shot past Braden Holtby to put the Rangers up 2-0 with 9:55 to go in the final frame. A goal from Roman Hamrilk gave the team life just 38 seconds later, and then the Capitals got a gift: Ruslan Fedotenko‘s delay-of-game penalty.

But instead of converting the man advantage, the Caps squandered it in an embarrassing fashion, setting up shorthanded chances for the Rangers and spending most of their time stuck in their own zone. The low point was when one of the Caps attempted a dangerous no-look pass that nearly ended up in their own net.

CBC caught McPhee in the rafters watching the mess. He was — uh — unhappy.

Huge thanks to @canada_gill for hooking us up with the video.

Frankly, I love the passion here. McPhee rarely lets his guard down, but this video shows he’s just like us: a slave to the excruciating anxiety of watching your team lose. Whatever GMGM is saying here, I was probably yelling the same things at my TV at home.

It was hard for us to watch this loss. Seems like it’s exactly the same for the players, coaches, and staff.

Way to go, guys. Great season. We’ll get ’em next year.

  • pretty much the same reaction as me

  • Quaternions

    The only reason I wasn’t yelling like that during that PP was because here in the UK, it was around 3 AM an didn’t want to wake up my kids.

  • Having worked last night (also in the UK), i didn’t see the game until 9am. I doubt the neighbours are too impressed right now.


    What happened to caps in 7? You made a pretty bold statement with that “Rangers think they’ve already won it” post. Stand up like a man and admit you were wrong

  • Derek

    Wait, you’re telling someone to act like a man? You’re coming onto an opposing blog to make trouble. Have you past puberty yet?

  • charlie

    painful to admit, but a stanley cup champion wouldn’t have looked so out-of-kilter during such a crucial power play. drat. next season, here’s hoping.

  • SOMEONE is getting traded. lol

  • Is it just me, or does it seem like he says “C’mon Dennis” at 0:07?

  • Noiplah

    I’m no lip-reader but I think it’s something more like “(something something) messy”.
    fack you’re messy maybe?

  • capsout

    Being a Caps fan since 1980, this is how it usually ends. They have not learned how to “want it” more than the other team. Obviously the Rangers do. Where did Ovie go? He should have been leading the charge and banging bodies. I knew immediately in the first that wasn’t going to happen and the Rangers would win. There was no life! Oh, well as someone else said “next season’ That is my motto. I hope to see the cup before I die.

  • Mike Francesser


    Anyway, the whole trying to play on the Rangers being arrogant because they started selling tickets for the ECF’s was lame. A few Rangers blogs linked to that post and I have to say there was a lot of trash being talked by Capitals fans. Even one of your moderators was getting in to the act….pretty unprofessional.

    Oh well. It was a good series and the better team came out on top.

  • Nate

    having faith in your team’s ability to win does not constitute a bold statement, especially not when it comes from bloggers who cover that team, cause that’s just their job. what does constitute a bold statement, on the other hand, is a professional organization assuming a victory that has not yet been earned. the fact that the rangers ultimately won (by one goal, in game 7, against a 7 seed starting their third string goalie) does not validate such hubris and it does not give you a right to come here and rub it in. every fan of every sports team hopes and believes that their team will win, yet at least half of the time, they’re wrong. I’m sure this has happened to you as well. now how about you be a man and learn how to handle victory with grace, dignity, and sportsmanship?

  • poopfeast420

    For once, I was pretty much dreading the offseason since the Caps have nothing to look forward to with all the Kuznetsov Debbie Downer news and finishing the season way too early, as usual.

    But this video gave me hope – hope that this man will actually make some serious changes.

    (but he probably won’t)

  • OKCapsFan

    McPhee = Hulk ?

  • Livia

    Can’t wait for RMNB’s next post so that this scary photo doesn’t pop up at eye level anymore…

  • Johansson is terrible. Wideman is terrible. Yet i love them dearly and will miss em when they’re gone… 🙁

  • serpent

    As usual, the few guys whio have heart showed it and the rest sat on their Prozac or whatever prevents them from playing like they did in Game 6. “Maybe next year” is getting awfully tired and trite.

  • johnnymorte

    When it’s all said and done, with all the media hype and the admiration, the net result is the same as Gabby’s last year. Whether it’s a four game sweep or a seven game nail biter, we have once again hit a wall at the second round. Our problems are the same as they always have been. Last year we had no second line center for Sasha. This year we had no first line center for Ovi. DH has been good, but I believe the forecheck is not the game for our top guns. It’s not the game that Sasha and Ovi learned to play in Russia. Puck possession is their bread and butter, that’s what got them to this level. I don’t feel bad if Semin leaves, maybe it’s better for both parties. I don’t think his game is suited for the NHL. Certainly not Hunter’s game. He needs a big ice to make plays, move around, show skill. With DH’s system the games have been close but we didn’t get any farther than we have in the past. In fact, they’ve been more boring to watch. Gabby let them play the way they knew how, and when he finally started to challenge Ovi on his bad habits, he got wacked. The NHL is a tough league, the best league in the world by far, but the ice is small compared to the Olympic size. I don’t know if Ovi can learn the forechecking, board cycling, crease crashing style that epitomizes North American hockey. More importantly if he does learn, who knows if he will be able to perform it at the same level as he does his open ice offensive game. Whatever the case may be, the fact that Kuznetsov is not coming to Washington is a huge blow to our Stanley Cup hopes. It’s a bigger blow than this round 2 defeat. Like I said before, our problems are the same as before. We NEED another skilled centerman in Washington or we need major structural changes. The last ten minutes of this game was pathetic to watch. Everybody complains when Ovi takes the puck and tries to do it himself by rushing through the zone. Well, to be honest with you I was praying that he would try something like that because the other way we couldn’t even produce one quality scoring chance. Only an asshole would try to dump the puck in on a powerplay. Why would you give up possession of the puck when you outnumber the opposition? Is this a coaching decision or a player decision? I will never know. Whatever it was, it was garbage. At least we got Holtby. He is the first missing link. All eyes on you GMGM. You built this ship, now bring it home.

  • Jon

    That accurately reflects how I felt during that power play as well… It’s nice to see that I wasn’t alone.

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