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Top-seeded Team Russia defeated Team Norway today with a score of 5-2 to advance to the semifinals of the World Championship being held in Stockholm. Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin joined their national team on the ice for the first time and had an immediate impact, with Ovechkin scoring the first goal of the night and Semin providing two assists.

Ovechkin broke a World Championships pointless streak stretching back through all five games of last year’s tournament, scoring nearly eight minutes into the game. His tally began with teammate Alex Semin going strong to the net with the puck, allowing the Russian superstar to collect a rebound behind Norwegian goalie Lars Haugen. Ovechkin then knocked the puck in when he attempted to center the puck.

Ovi, Semin, Kuznetsov, and the rest of Team Russia will play Finland in the semifinals, which will take place on Saturday.

Video of Ovechkin’s Goal


Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF

Photo credit:

Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF

Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF

Ovi celebrates his goal with Kuzya and the rest of Team Russia. (Photo credit:

Ovi smiles with Team Captain Ilya Nikulin after the game. (Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF)

Hunter Hockey from AS28? (Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF)

Ovechkin shakes hands with Norwegian goalie Lars Volden. (Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF)

Ovechkin and Malkin stand during the national anthem after the game. (Photo credit: Andre Ringuette/IIHF)

  • Matt

    I hope Ovi and Kuzya become very close…

  • Russiaforever

    It was a really interesting game. It was really fun to see the Semin- Datsyuk-Ovechkin line and I think they all did good. Probably they will score beautiful and great goals the more they play since you already can see that they all find eachother on the ice. I was biting my nails when Sasha first came with Ovie and then with Pasha haha.

  • brian!

    Question: Why do the Russian jerseys use nameplates in the English alphabet? Is that an aesthetic choice?

  • so others can read the players name? Refs..coaches..broadcasters I’m guessing need to be able to read the players jersey. This is just a guess…

  • Refs, coaches, and broadcasters rely on visible numbers, not visible names. This makes sense as hockey sweaters have several numbers all over the place whereas the name, is only in one, sometimes hard to see spot.

    I don’t know why the Russians don’t use cyrillic nameplates. I kinda wish they did though.

  • Saw them talking while heading of the ice, maybe GMGM sent him on a mission.

  • SYOMIN ?! O_0

  • That’s IIHF requirement.

  • Anyone know where I can watch these games? I know they probably aren’t going to be on TV. At least not until the finals anyway.

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