Russian hockey writer Alexey Shevchenko, has been following the Russian National Team around during their stay at the World Championships, filming their exploits.

A few days ago, Shevechenko was hanging out with Evgeny Kuznetsov when Kuzya found the puck-firing machine set up for fans at the World Championships in Sweden, and decided to jump in.

Video is below the jump.

Kuznetsov’s shot was recently named the hardest amongst Caps prospects by Hockey’s Future, but despite doing his best Alexander Ryazantsev impression, Kuzya did not set the record. That honor went to a Swedish bystander, who shot a puck at 140 km/h.

He wasn’t the only fan who showed up the Russian star — another fan shooting in the lane right beside him shot nearly as fast as him on the first try, prompting Kuzya to take over his lane and shoot pucks until he was able to beat him again.

I guess it was the wrong day to wear a tight leather jacket.

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