Pavel Datsyuk seemed tired, but satisfied, following Russia’s dominant 6-2 win over the Finnish national team. He did not score in the game, but with the victory, Russia will now have the opportunity to win its first World Championship gold medal since 2009.

His good mood did not mean, however, that he wanted microphones in his grill. “Don’t too close,” he said, watching the microphones. “It’s not ice cream, guys.”


The quote’s at the 1:26 mark. (S/t for the video.)

Indeed, Pavel. Indeed it is not.


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  • Andy Wallace

    Not even five minutes before it’s removed :/ but who cares go Russia!

  • I just found another copy of the video. I re-updated the post. Check it out, Andy.

  • CAPTAIN! We’ve located an enemy wessle! GO RUSSIA!