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Wearing a red Nationals’ #32 Tom Gorzelanny jersey (perhaps in honor of Dale Hunter?), Jason Chimera, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Sunday’s Orioles/Nats game. Chimmer, who got a loud ovation when he took the field, threw high and hard — we’re going to call it a ball — to Gorzelanny, a pitcher who played catcher for the moment. And yeah, Chimera brought along his son Cale.

Video is below the jump.

“I was a little nervous,” Chimera said to CSN Washington after the pitch. “It’s a little different at Nationals Park where there’s 30,000 – 40,000 people looking at you. But it was fun.”

The Edmonton, Alberta native never played baseball as a kid because of the cold weather, but he didn’t embarrass himself on the mound like John Wall and LaVar Arrington had.

“Some of the guys warned me in the clubhouse not to spike the [pitch] on the ground,” Chimera happily grinned.

Way to go, Jason.

Behind-The-Scenes Video by the Capitals

  • I still think he should have worn the O’s jersey though.

  • Why? He plays for the Washington Capitals and not the Baltimore Capitals.

  • Livia

    Your pro-Orioles bias is shameless! You must be very excited about your team this year, though. What an offensive powerhouse. We Nats fans should thank them for teaching by example this weekend how to rack up RBIs.

  • BaltimoreGloryholes

    O’s Suck. Go Nats. Maryland can go die.

  • Hahahaa Boo.

  • 2 wins out of 3.

  • Livia

    Don’t I know it. Really, for a while there, it looked as if the O’s would sweep the series. It was very surprising how the Nats surged today–even our play-by-play commentator said, “Well, this is weird.”

  • I have a problem with this. I love Jason Chimera, love the Caps. Hate the Nationals. And Hate Tom Gorzelanny. This is so messed up. Send the Expos back where they came from. You Nationals fans are so fake. Traitors.