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The entire Russian national team was clearly elated to win World Championship gold this year, dominating their competition along the way and winning their final game 6-2. While there was a lot of the expected hugging and jumping around, former Cap Semyon Varlamov was especially overexcited, which led to a small mishap when he was handed the trophy.

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Luckily Varlamov and the trophy both seemed to be unharmed, but that wasn’t the only spill during the celebration.

The entire Russian team decided at one point after the win that they should pick up their coach, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, and throw him in the air, while wearing skates on a sheet of ice. Surprisingly, this did not end in disaster, except a minor one for Alex Ovechkin, who promptly fell down. You can make him out in the bottom left corner of the first photo, mid-fall.