Blood drips down Semin’s forehead. Ouchie.

We thought we’d seen all the casualties of the Russian team celebrating their World Championship win on Sunday, but it turns out there’s one more war wound to document.

Teammate Alex Ovechkin took a spill while helping throw their coach in the air, and Semyon Varlamov took a spill when hoisting the trophy, but Alex Semin actually drew blood.

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2011-12 Year-End Review: Keith Aucoin

Photo credit: Clydeorama

Keith Aucoin‘s call-up was a side effect of the Great Center Drought of 2012, that point in time when all of our centers were either dead, or wingers disguised as centers. Even when the Caps are in need, they don’t typically send for Aucoin, but they did this year — and to the surprise of most people, Aucoin became a regular player, even into the postseason. We liked this, because Aucoin is a good guy who has been in our system for a long time, and because we love to be surprised. Go, tiny Cap.

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