Blood drips down Semin’s forehead. Ouchie.

We thought we’d seen all the casualties of the Russian team celebrating their World Championship win on Sunday, but it turns out there’s one more war wound to document.

Teammate Alex Ovechkin took a spill while helping throw their coach in the air, and Semyon Varlamov took a spill when hoisting the trophy, but Alex Semin actually drew blood.

Via Pavel Lynsekov at Sovetsky Sport:

Alex Semin has blood on his forehead.

Question: “Is it from a hit by a Slovak?”

Alex Semin: “Oh no, I was pulling my jersey off and smacked myself on the head with the medal. And it cut the skin open. It’s heavy!..”

So it turns out Evgeny Kuznetsov was the only player in the Caps organization that did not have some basic failure in motor function that day.

Those weren’t the only hijinks involving the  medals. KHL president Alexander Medvedev tried to give Ovechkin a second medal after Vladislav Tretiak had already put one around his neck (See the video below). Ovechkin didn’t accept the second gold, and politely pushed Medvedev away.

The Ovechkin moment comes at :45 seconds into the video.

Lynsekov’s article also documents other follies of the day, like when the team poured champagne into the trophy only to discover a hole in the bottom. The Russian players reportedly tried to plug this hole with their fingers while waiting for their coach– not wanting to drink without him.

The next international tournament is a long ways off now, and we have to hope the Russians don’t win it. For health reasons.

S/t to for initially posting. Translation by Igor Kleyner.

  • Heather Glass

    Only Sasha. I expect nothing less.

  • That’s my Sasha!! ♥

  • Leave it to Semin to cut himself open on a medal…Imagine what he’ll do when he wins the Stanley Cup…hahaha.

    Also, it’s pages like the Lynsekov article that make me wish I knew how to read Russian. Haha. Google translate kind of failed on that.

  • CaliJenna

    Aw, Ovi and Semin help Varly up. All to the strains of “We are the Champions”.

  • I love when Varly FELL while holding the cup and Ovie helped him up…LMAO.

  • scott

    He says it was the medal but really he high sticked himself in the offensive zone.

  • PuckBuddyDoug

    Sasha = derp. That’s our Sasha!

  • Maybe Sasha has sensitive skin.

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  • Arctic_Moomin

    Having read this article the only feeling I have is that someone is really annoyed with this win. ” …and we have to hope the Russians don’t win it. ” Yeah, keep on dreaming…

  • Guys, be jealous of silence 🙂 Let our team win every year with light injuries!!!

  • sakuragi

    oh my god,the Lynsekov’s article is so funny.Varlamov actually lost his medal
    “Oi,I lost my gold medal!!!’ he was looking for it.Found it.
    ‘Here it is.The first one.The heaviest one!’ like how Syomin put it when he ”wacked’ his forehead with his own medal ‘it’s heavy! ‘ hahaha

    Malkin was so happy he said ‘I’m the happiest.i don’t know how to say it.I love everyone.I want to kiss everyone!’

    and Pavel Datsyuk,of course.the modest one,who missed the last WC because of the watch his friends gave him.Pity that guy.

  • “Alexander ran around the room and shot everyone.” excerpt from the google translate of Lynsekov’s article……..