Alex Semin: “I’m Waiting For July 1st”

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After winning gold at the IIHF World Championships in Sweden, soon-to-be UFA Alexander Semin met the media in his hometown Krasnoyarsk. It was actually take two for the press conference, as Sasha had slept through the appointment the previous day, missing it altogether. He didn’t answer his mobile phone when the press tried to track him down, but did answer his house phone eventually, just to say that he had overslept and would not be coming.

Today he apologized, blaming jet lag, and then got down to answering questions. Sport-Express’ Dmitry Uskov transcribed the entire press conference, where Semin talked about whether Ovechkin would be visiting him, whether the KHL is an option for him this summer, and his plans for the future.

Alex Semin: I want to apologize for yesterday (missing the press-conference), it just happened, I was very tired from flying, jetlag, 12 hour time difference. I only have positive emotions from our victory, we came only for three games, and it was enough. We are meeting president Putin in Moscow on May 29th.

Question: Is there any clarity on where your career will resume in the next season?

Alex Semin: I can’t say anything concrete at this time. I’m waiting for July 1st, until the negotiations in the NHL open, for now I am unemployed.

Question: Are your priorities in Russia or North America?

Alex Semin: I can’t answer. I don’t know.

Question: During the final against Slovakia, when did you sense the victory?

Alex Semin: From the first minute of the game we could not make a mistake. This was the first time ever I played in this kind of Sbornaya. I think the coach is the main reason. I played for Bilyaletdinov once before, it was about 5 years ago. The most important is defensive play, with 100% dedication, everything depends on it. Also, there were a lot of new players, the team makeup was different, more young players. I felt comfortable. We had people who can play both defense and offense. You could see it yourself, Malkin was practically winning some games by himself.

Question: When the score was 5-2 in the final, it appeared everybody on the team was trying to set Malkin up to score so that he’d win the scoring title.

Alex Semin: Honestly, I don’t think so, he had a lot of scoring chances, he wanted to score, and he did – good for him. I wanted to get a hat trick, but it didn’t work out. Maybe it’s my tradition to go 2+1 in the final. (smile)

Question: Have you started learning English?

Alex Semin: I know [it], I just don’t like interacting, especially in English. I don’t have 100% command of it, and to stand and think about what to say – that’s not for me. I am comfortable explaining myself if I am at a store or somewhere else. I am understood, and I understand well.

Question: Is Ovechkin coming to visit you in Krasnoyarsk?

Alex Semin: I don’t know yet, he is traveling with his girl. She plays tennis. When finished, we’ll talk and make plans. For now everybody just resting.

Question: What are your most immediate plans?

Alex Semin: I am going to catch up on sleep for the first week, then, maybe I’ll fly somewhere for a vacation. Not that much time left, the training starts in mid July. And if I stay in Russia, I’ll have to start practicing much earlier.

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  • Alexander Semin come back to Washington!!! Without the late season players, we may not even have a glimpse of The Holy Grail next year…Please come back to play for the Caps! And bring Ovechkin with you!

  • No don’t stay in Russia! Come back to D.C. and the Caps!!! You know that defensive play is most important with 100% dedication, that sounds like a winning plan for the team right now and in the future.

  • Hale

    Please just be posturing. Come back to the dump and chase, Sasha Semin, Sasha Semin!

  • I can only hope that Sasha comes back to the Capitals! He has been my favorite player for years and I don’t want to see him playing elsewhere!

  • Dark Stranger

    Not surprised to learn that Semin was jet-lagged. I did the math and figured out that the absolute earliest he could have left Finland was Sunday evening. There’s about a 5 hour time difference between Finland and Krasnoyarsk so there’s a major difference. Adjusting to Krasnoyarsk time from Finland is even more difficult than adjusting to East Coast time after being on the West Coast. Almost akin to adjusting to East Coast time after Hawaii. And I’m sure long flight times were involved as well. I figure there are no direct flights from Finland to Krasnoyarsk. I assume there’s be a stopover in Moscow but don’t know the details. In any case, I bet he didn’t get to Krasnoyarsk until Monday evening at the earliest and likely even later. So, no surprise, that he’s tired and jet-lagged.

    Will miss him if he’s gone.

  • It’d be a real shame if he ended up in the KHL. I’d hate to see him leave the Caps, but if he did, I’d much prefer he went to the Western Conference or something, because a player like that deserves to play at the highest level.

  • serpent

    SAVE THE SASHA! And, for the lovapete, spell the man’s correctly!

  • sakuragi

    if he stayed in KHL,he’ll have to double the effort.In KHL players get ready 2-3 months before a season,and basically they have to stay fit for the whole year.If he ended up in KHL,the competition will be high.he will be nothing less than a greater,stronger player.And again everyone’ll be chasing him to sign a contract.

  • I truly believe he’ll be in the NHL next year. Just don’t know if he’ll be with the caps. Also, love this line: “I just don’t like interacting.” Oh, Sasha…

  • stacy

    It’s a four hour time difference just from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk and the flights are all over night. . .been there done that! All not to mention that it’s a 12 hour time difference from Washington D. C. to krasnoyarsk.. .likely won’t catch up on that change for a couple weeks at a minimum.

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  • caps rock herndon

    Trade Semin. He doesn’t bring his a game all the time and he commits too many stupid penalties