2011-12 Year-End Review: Jay Beagle

Photo credit: Clydeorama

Brave and reckless fight. Concussion. Broken bones. Meteoric rise. We would watch a movie based on Jay Beagle‘s season, there was a lot of plot packed into just eighty-two games.

Cap Hit: $512,500 thousand. Beagle is RFA come July 1st.

Milestones: Beagle set a new personal scoring record with four goals and five points, and also scored in the playoffs at the NHL level for the first time.

Best Moment: Scoring against Montreal, and the subsequent video played by Verizon Center entertainment crew, or perhaps his return to the lineup after missing 31 games.

Things We Said About Jay Beagle: “Jay Beagle for Hart!” “Jay Beagle for Conn Smythe!” “Jay Beagle for President!”

Alignment: Chaotic Good

First Irrelevant Google Images Result:

A bag of Skittles. (There were two women in bikinis before the Skittles, but I consider those relevant.)

Media Consensus: “Did you know that Jay Beagle is getting more ice time than Alex Ovechkin? I know, I just googled him too.”

Alternate Universe Superhero Identity: 3C. (This is his dream. We are not making this up.)

Spirit Animal: A cat.


Team Role: Was expected to be minimal. At the beginning of the year, Jay Beagle was a player more likely to be a healthy scratch than a difference maker.

Execution of that Role: Partially because of a change in coaching and partially through stubborn hard work, Jay Beagle managed to change his role with the Caps entirely in the course of a season. He became an important cog in Dale Hunter’s grinding, defensive system, trusted with key assignments and vital minutes.

Postseason Performance: Beagle played a pivotal role in the Caps’ lineup throughout the playoffs, centering a shutdown line and abruptly picking up a talent for faceoffs, apparently through sheer force of will. Perhaps the best way we can illustrate the change in Beagle’s role from beginning to end of year is that when he broke his foot and was unable to play, the fanbase was devastated and predicted disaster.

Beard Rating: Six out of ten.

Photo credit: Cheryl Nichols

Beagle himself expressed concern over his beard, but we think it turned out just fine.

Likeliness to Return: Six out of ten. Beagle is another player who played well above expectations this year, so it’s possible other teams might make an offer. However, they will have to fight me personally, so I would not advise it.

Usefulness in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting: At first, you would think that Jay Beagle was dead weight and that you might not mind if he got eaten by zombies, but then he would dramatically save your life and you’d realize that you had misjudged him all along.

Overall Year-End Rating: Ten Good Sashas.

For statistical analysis of Beagle’s season, see Japer’s Rink or Peerless’s upcoming piece.

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  • I’ll go first:


  • I’m with you Peter … not sure on the cat totem … unless it’s a large cat, like a panther or a mountain lion. Heck … even a bobcat would be good.

  • This -> However, they will have to fight me
    personally, so I would not advise it. <- made me lol and I thank you for that.

  • KareeLyn

    Was it too cheap to make his spirit animal a Beagle? Probably…. but there are a lot of players to review still. Maybe it’s worth taking the low hanging fruit when it comes. Either way, Bravo on another great review that makes lunch break more interesting.

  • Golly

    Well … I guess that your average domestic cat kind of lulls you into thinking it’s a cuddly pet, but then they are fierce predators. Still – for someone as beloved as Beags, a cat? Really?

  • KareeLyn

    Having said that, I don’t know anything about the demeanor of Beagles….

  • Ana


  • Daisy

    I don’t know, cats can be kind of relentless when there is something they are after. It can be a twistie tie they found on the kitchen floor or a mouse they are trying to catch or another cat they are just trying to annoy. While there still might be better animals out there, I can accept cat for Beagle.

  • CJK

    I was at the March 6th Carolina game where Beagle got his first goal of the season and they played the Snoopy piece on the Tron.

  • PuckBuddyDoug

    The puck comes
    on little cat feet.
    It sits looking
    at the space in the twine
    silently sliding
    as it moves in.

  • serpent

    How about a timber wolf?

  • serpent

    Great hunting dogs, loyal and good natured. Good with children,too.

  • Yv

    His season was OK until critical game 5 with Rangers.
    The question everybody should ask why Hunter decided to send him on ice 30 sec before the end of the game to take faceoffs and protect Caps 2:1 lead? As we found out from exit interviews, Beagle had already broken foot from the start of second period and by his words was useless after 15-20 sec of skating or whatever you calling it. We all know what happened then, lost faceoffs, double-minor by Ward, who might was in a rush to save Beagle, and game tying goal by Rangers 7 sec before the end, when they played practically 6 on 3, Caps lost game and eventually the series, bitter end of season. I would like to know whether DH knew about Beagle’ injury or it was just dumb decision by him to send his trusted foot solder, even crippled one. Game 6, that should be the Rangers elimination one, showed that Caps were fine even w/o #83 on ice.

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    So Jay Beagle is awesome on the ice and he’ll babysit my children? LOVE THIS GUY! 🙂

  • Nate Hays

    I wore a pair of Beagle’s One90 skates for 2 years that I got for a discount price from the Bears when he just joined the team. Perfect fit! Been a fan of his ever since. Can’t think of a better reason to start following somebody’s career. It’s not easy finding Bauer skates in 1/4 sizes.

  • Nate Hays

    I would also like to know if Hunter knew about Beagle’s injury. You know the guy is going to want to be out there, even if he’s hurt, but I would assume the coach would know better than to sent him out in that situation if he actually knew Beags was hurting. Nobody knew he broke it at the time, but it should have been apparent that he was wounded….And Hendricks was every bit as good in the circle those last three games, so you think he could have handled faceoffs for the final 16 or 17 seconds.

  • Dave

    My kids giggle every time Joe B says, “sprawling Beagle” and I have to admit that I do now too.