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On Thursday during a press conference in his hometown of Krasnoyarsk, Alex Semin was asked when he would be hanging out with his BFF, Alex Ovechkin, during the summer*. Semin replied,”I don’t know yet, he is traveling with his girl.”

Ovechkin’s girl, Russian tennis star Maria Kirilenko has been in Paris preparing for the French Open since early last week. As soon as Team Russia won their gold medal at the 2012 World Championships, Ovechkin did what any great boyfriend would do and flew out to Paris to support his queen.

Without hockey to occupy his time, Ovechkin has been tweeting somewhat regularly again. He’s shared photos of his trip as well as tweeting congratulations to Russian band Buranovskie Babushki for their second place finish in Eurovision [Ed note: an international song contest, which Fedor swears on his life he never watches**].

Kirilenko, the 16th rated women’s player in the Grand Slam, will play France’s Victoria Larriere in the first round early next week. The Great Eight, along with the rest of his teammates, will return to Russia on Tuesday to meet with Russian president Vladmir Putin to celebrate their gold medal.

Photos of Alex Ovechkin in France

hahaha clay!!!

Of course, Ovi posts the pic where Maria closes her eyes.

The couple in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

* NOTE: Russian journalists really ask the best questions.
** I don’t believe Fedor.

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  • Moira Donohue

    So cute. I know I’m a romantic, but am I the only one hearing wedding bells when I look at these pix?

  • DoxinCalvert

    I don’t want to be an alarmist, but doesn’t it appear that Alex and his girl are IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY?

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  • picker

    @Doxin there’s no highways by the Arc…you can even see a stoplight in the background, which is we’re there at…in a median of a crosswalk.

  • EDDY Sweetness

    very cool indeed he should rest and come back in oktober rested and fresh all good