Karl Alzner’s Dogs Can Escape Crates

Despite his strong play throughout the season, Karl Alzner might be more famous lately for his dogs’ bad behavior.

A month ago, as Alzner and his fiancee Mandy left for Game Three against the Rangers, they decided to leave their dogs out of their crate for the night. Of course, that was the night that the game went into triple overtime, and when the two returned at 2 AM, their dogs Charlie, Murphy, and Duncan had trashed their home.

Well, apparently crating the dogs doesn’t work either. Over the weekend, Alzner tweeted video that his family took of the dogs escaping while they were out of the house, and the results lead us to believe that these dogs might actually be smarter than some Caps players.

For the dog pun version of this story, visit NBC Washington.

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  • Jill

    Love the James Bond music! BTW, the original photo was taken after Game 3 (not 4)…

  • serpent

    Those smart little guys might figure out how to get out of MSG in good shape.

  • Damn, when I first read that I thought he had two dogs, one named Charlie Murphy and the other named Duncan. That would have been awesome.


    GO READ A BOOK (about tv show theme songs)

  • Dark Stranger

    He’s had Charlie and Murphy for awhile. I think Duncan (the biggest of them) is a relatively recent acquisition — as in just before the New Year.

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  • abrlcklnthewall

    Jumping off high places like that is terrible for those dogs. Hopefully he gets a closed top crate for them so they don’t get loose as much.