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This morning, Mike Knuble announced that he would not be returning to the Caps next season. Though we expected that this would be the case, that didn’t stop us from going through all the stages of grief simultaneously on hearing the news.

Here are our thoughts on this, as expressed in musical form.

Everyone gets to go home from work early today, this is a Metro-area tragedy.

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  • JeanneB

    I feel awful.. I thought about dropping 22 roses at the Kettler door..but I’m probably just overreacting as a wimpy, unsophisticated, uber-emotional Caps fan.

  • kuh NOO buhl


  • Rogan

    That totally sucks.. We’ve got VERY few that will get in the paint and take the beating that Knubes would take, in order to gain a dirty goal chance..

  • Any idea where Knubs is going?

  • Angorasoul

    This news makes me sad, but isn’t surprising. I need to get my knuble jersey signed before he leaves the area!

  • Amen. Which will be hard for me, being hundreds of miles away! 🙁

  • This blows. On top of this turd sandwich of news I get to go to the dentist and have a filling replaced in a bit. WEEEEEEE!

  • even though it was expected, it still sucks and I hate it.

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    BullSh*T! I really wanted to see another year with him. I think his vet. style is a MUST for this team. I’m disappointed with the way #22 was treated this year. He deserved much more respect then he was given. Snake bit yes but the system wasn’t very helpful for his numbers either.

  • serpent

    No you’re not. I feel like somebody i care about just died. They’d better not give that awesome 22 jersey to anyone else, ever.

  • serpent

    Michigan, for now

  • serpent

    my favorite ice man gone. Thanks for nothing, GMGM.

  • Thanks Mike. I was hoping you’d see another season, but i guess it wasn’t to be. Thank for the memories.

  • Noo! Caps won’t be the same without Kanoobs! Come back, Mike!

  • He would have loved to come back. The team declined to re-sign him.

  • KareeLyn

    So agreed. With all the turmoil, why wouldn’t you resign such a positive and hard-working veteran? (No one answer that) I think it’s silly. The organization needs people like him.

  • sillyduck8
  • scott

    This really isnt news, come on anyone who really thought knuble was going to return is living in a dream world. He is about a year overdue for retirement, and with a Caps team who is going to focus on the development of young talent next year Knubs just doesnt fit the bill.

    As a fan of his as a cap, eff him as a Flyer and his goalie interference, would wish him the best of luck finding a team to to pay him. But really would love to see him come back as a coach like kolzig did. I think he could get a ton of respect from guys and could teach our guys how to own the crease on the offensive end.

  • Devastated. Why wouldn’t he wait until he sees who the new coach is? Hunter was a dick for what he did to Knuble, but i doubt whoever this new guy is would screw him too!

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