2011-12 Year-End Review: Marcus Johansson

Photo credit: Christienne Muschi

What do we need to do to get Marcus Johansson‘s development to take that next step? Was this year’s tumult and instability too much for him? Do we need to encase Marcus Johansson in a hockey simulation where nothing ever goes wrong next year? Send him up a mountain on a quest for truth? Get him to meet DJ Tiesto? Because if we need to, we’ll do it.

Cap Hit: $900,000. Johansson is signed through 2012-13, and will be RFA on expiration of that contract.

Milestones: Though it was only his second season in the NHL, Johansson’s set new highs in scoring and overall points.

Best Moment: Marcus quietly objected to being benched for the season opener by having a fantastic second game, scoring on a wraparound move that he would attempt 29889893 more times throughout the season.

His pass to set up Nicklas Backstrom’s 2OT winner was also a thing of beauty.

Things We Said About About Marcus Johansson: “Marcus, what are you doing?”

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

First Irrelevant Google Images Result:

The image description says it’s a lamp. I think we’ll have to take their word for it.

Media Consensus: “…We might prefer him on the wing.”

Spirit Animal: Otter.

Alternate Universe Superhero Identity: MOJO, which is probably an acronym for something heroic.

Team Role: The Caps front office once again believed, or maybe just hoped that this would be the year that Johansson would develop into the solid 2C that the team desperately needs.

Execution of that Role: He didn’t. His development didn’t exactly go smoothly this year, though, as the team’s 1C went down with concussion, leaving Marcus to step into a role that he was even less prepared for. His possession numbers were terrible all year, and he often seemed lost — but still, he was a smooth, speedy skater that was a joy to watch on open ice, and he ended the year tied for third on the team in scoring.

Postseason Performance: Despite having plenty of ice time, Johansson was not a force in either round, ending the playoffs with three points and the most goals-against of any Caps forward.

Beard Rating:

Welp. Hopefully that too will develop in time. Two out of ten.

Likeliness to Return: Despite his struggles, I wouldn’t move a prospect like that before his ELC is even up. Six out of ten.

Usefulness in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Johansson is small and speedy, and anyone who can take a Chara check without breaking his stride is tough enough to survive nuclear winter. Six out of ten.

Overall Year-End Rating: Five out of ten.

For statistical analysis, see Japers’ Rink or Peerless Prognosticator.

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  • http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/ Peter Hassett

    The otter thing is just spot-on the more I think about it

  • MeRo

    I would have gone with meerkat…but who am I to cavil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chizrocker88 Chip Tamplin

    I agree with you. Meerkat would be perfect haha

  • http://twitter.com/ngreenberg Neil Greenberg

    “Marcus quietly objected to being benched for the season opener by having
    a fantastic second game, scoring on a wraparound move that he would
    attempt 29889893 more times throughout the season.”

    IIRC, he didn’t make another attempt at a wrap-around for months after he went 2 for first 3.

  • http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/ Peter Hassett
  • http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/ Peter Hassett
  • http://twitter.com/kickxdrumxheart Ana

    I may have been off by 29889890 or so.

  • http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/ Peter Hassett

    I counted 59779785, so it’s like you split the difference.

  • Kathy

    Ana, I have really enjoyed your year-end reviews. Great writing and imagination.

  • serpent

    Palfrey??!! A ladies ride? Really? Gosh, MoJo, whoda thought….:)