Reminder: #RMNBParty5 is on Saturday!

We are just one day away from RMNB Party 5: Skate or Die!  Go check out our original post or our Facebook event.

Thanks to some well timed henriquing, there will in fact be a game to watch on Saturday night, and there is a decent chance we’ll even be together to watch somebody hoist the Stanley Cup. Not gonna lie: I will get emotional.

The game is supposed to start at 8, but who knows what kind of nonsensical padding and human interest story fluff NBC will air beforehand. If Costas shows up, you know it’s gonna be bad.

Seriously: you’re coming, right?

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Year-End Review: Mike Knuble

Photo credit: Clydeorama

This is unfortunate alphabetical timing, as we’ve just learned that Mike Knuble will not be returning to the Capitals next year. We’re not really over that yet, and the tear-jerking farewell post from Knuble’s Knights didn’t help. Go read it, take a minute to compose yourself, and then come back here again. We’ll wait.

Ready? Okay. Let’s review Knuble’s last year in a Caps uniform.

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