“Is party now!” (Photo credit: Vklybe.tv)

How do we know the hockey season’s officially over? Ovechkin’s in a speedo and partying on a boat in Turkey! We’re debating if Ovechkin is or isn’t fat. The first photos of Alex Ovechkin out on the town in Russia have surfaced!

This past Saturday night, Ovechkin and girlfriend Maria Kirilenko — fresh off their time together in Paris for the French Open — attended the premiere of a music video by Russian artists DJ Gold Sky and Vselennaya at the Premier Lounge in Moscow.

We would post the music video here, but unfortunately it has not been uploaded anywhere*. Thankfully, Vklybe.tv published some fantastic photos of Ovechkin and Kirilenko interacting with the crowd, a crowd which appears to consist mainly of ladies wearing Russian hockey jerseys and nothing else. Oh yes, they have props too.

Follow us below the jump for pictures of Ovi’s night in da club.

We approve of the Steve McQueen shirt, but the real question is how many pairs of pants Ovi has on. 

Ovechkin, making the international symbol for “I love you.” 

Photographer taking a picture of Ovechkin taking a picture. Pictureception. 

Quick, examine his midsection! 

* Fedor spent five minutes half-heartedly searching for the music video because he hates it when we write posts that have nothing to do with hockey. If you can find it, send it over!

  • As sharp-eyed reader Melissa points out, it appears I also attended this music video premiere. I’m a fan of the popped collar and tucked in shirt combo, apparently. High fashion as always in Moscow.


  • That guy is really the star of these photos. Check out the fourth pic down!

  • Darla Doxstater

    It’s not “international,” technically, guys; it’s an American Sign Language initials-sign.
    Fist with pinky extended = i
    Fist with thumb and index finger extended = l
    Fist with thumb and pinky finger extended = y
    i + l + y = ily = I love you.