Caps General Manger George McPhee Joins Twitter

“How do you follow someone again?” (Photo credit: Bridget Samuels)

For those who keep asking who next coach of Washington Capitals is going to be, you can now direct your questions straight to the man making the decision: @GMMcPhee — better known as Capitals General Manager George McPhee. The Twitter account was recently created and Caps PR confirmed to us it is indeed his.

Despite many NHL players being on Twitter, including 12 Caps, McPhee is only the fourth GM to create an account, joining Brian Burke of Leafs, Mike Gillis of the Canucks, and Scott Howson of the Blue Jackets. As you might have guessed, Burke, Gillis, and Howson don’t reveal much on the site. Burke’s tweets are mostly messages of congratulations or thanks, while Gillis and Howson haven’t posted in months.

McPhee always plays his cards close to the chest, so it will be interesting to see what information he chooses to share with fans on social media, if any. At the very least, we look forward to his Twitter wars with Ritch Winter.

Give him a follow here. Perhaps we can help him find a Twitter background that’s a little more personable. Here’s our suggestion.

Gif via: your-nations-capital

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  • Clare


  • too bad GMGM is already taken

  • Jeremiah

    caps fans should spam him to let him know that the team needs an offensive coach because even with Bruce the playoffs always had a hard time scoring playing 50/50 games like this year is too much of a coin flip. if you listen to the kings players this year when they were allowed to play offense after murray was let go and sutter came on they took a defensive team and accually tried to score and were able ot win games crazy thought