2011-12 Year-End Review: Mathieu Perreault

Photo credit: Mitchell Layton

This year, Mathieu Perreault did a good deal to shake off the labels of streakiness and inconsistency that have plagued him, scoring at a better clip and sticking with the team all year long. Now, all he needs is a six-inch growth spurt to shut up critics altogether. We think he’s got it in him.

Cap Hit: $525,000. Perreault is RFA on July 1st, but the Caps have already extended him a qualifying offer.

Milestones: This was the first time that Perreault spent the entire season with the big club, and he took advantage of it, notching personal bests in goals, assists, and games played, also scoring his first career hat trick.

Best Moment: Definitely that hat trick. Perreault came up huge at one of the team’s lowest points this season, turning an expected defeat into one of the most inspiring moments of the year.

With Backstrom and Green out of the lineup and Ovechkin suspended, the depleted Capitals’ game against the Cup champs seemed like a guaranteed slaughter. Instead, depth player Perreault stepped up and scored three goals in a 5-3 win, and the delinquent captain came down from the press box to shaving-cream-pie Perreault himself.

Things We Said About Mathieu Perreault: “It takes a very special player to score with his tongue.”

Ways Pierre McGuire Said “Mathieu Perreault”: “Mathieu Perrrrrrrrreault.” 

Alignment: Lawful Good

First Irrelevant Google Images Result:

Wallpaper of Hugo Chavez, in case you ever wanted that.

Media Consensus: “Wow, that’s one high shooting percentage.”

No Really, It Was: Perreault shot at a freakish 26.7% this year, leading the Caps by a huge margin, and leading the league as well in players who played more than 60 games. In fact, no player with more than 60 GP has had that high of a shooting percentage since the lockout. His secret? Aim!

Spirit Animal: A lemur.

Team Role: Depth center, bottom six player.

Execution of that Role: Perreault made the team out of training camp, beating out younger players Mathias Sjogren and Cody Eakin for a roster spot with his performance in the preseason. Unlike previous years, Perreault stayed up with the Caps the whole season, playing 64 games and doubling his NHL best point and goal totals. He was also responsible for his share of defensive-zone heart attacks as well, but he was just trying to make sure that we were paying attention.

Postseason Performance: Perreault only played four games this postseason before being replaced in the lineup by Mike Knuble. He registered no points.

Beard Rating:

Photo credit: Cheryl Nichols

Is it just us, or is Perreault’s facial hair actually getting less skeezy over time? Development! Four out of ten.

Likeliness to Return: Well, it depends if we can trade him to Montreal for everything they have. Look, French last name!

Usefulness in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Perreault’s size makes it just as difficult for him to compete in a deadly wasteland as it does in the NHL. He has been learning how to fight, though his finishing move is crying for help from Captain America. Four out of ten.

Overall Year-End Rating: Six Good Sashas

For statistical analysis of Perreault’s season, see Japers’ Rink or Peerless Prognosticator. 

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  • Such a weird season.

    Perry had some of the worst on-ice goaltending on the team (Carly, Backy, Brouwer had worse), but he had a godlike shooting percentage.

    Decent possession stats too, even though he took precious few shots himself (60, fewer than Kanoobs and Green, who played half as many games).

    I’m not sure there are many solid conclusions to draw from that performance besides “no way he’ll keep shooting that hot.”


  • serpent

    Perry’s vertical footage is up to naure. I’m ok with having our own Pocket Rocket.

  • serpent

    Obviously, that should read “nature”. sigh

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    MicrOvechkin|! The Great 8.5!! Mini-Me!!!

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    Ha! that’s great!