Photo via Kristy Morrison

Before General Manager George McPhee even had the chance to select Filip Forsberg with the 11th overall pick of the 2012 NHL Draft, he was met by a loud round of boos by Pittsburgh Penguins fans. Fortunately, a noticeably irritated GMGM brought the sass, and unleashed his fury on the crowd.

Video via BJ Ghassemieh.

“Thank you, Pittsburgh. We’re touched. ::points to heart:: Thank you.”

With Sidney Crosby’s recent injury woes and Alex Ovechkin’s goal production beginning to wane, the Caps/Penguins rivalry has certainly lost some of its steam. It’s nice to know however, that both cities still hate each other.

Is there a GM cooler in the league than McPhee?

I think not.

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  • I was waiting for this one. I was so happy with the pick and jab at the same time.

  • Liongirl92

    I think I love him for this.

  • hokaheyhockey

    Yeah, but you shoulda heard those Pittsburgers boo Filthadelphia when it came their turn to pick their young gun. Now that was a Bronx cheer!

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  • great work, rmnb!

  • Jean

    I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that GMGM has the Barney Stinson wink lol

  • Super_Dad_Esq

    Is there a GM cooler than McPhee? How about the ones who have created cup champions over the last 7 years since the lockout? Those guys are pretty cool.

  • Sarah

    Oh hey, that’s me in the crowd! There was definitely an “I love you George!” somewhere in with those boos…