Video: Adam Oates Was Once On Nickelodeon’s GUTS

We would like to welcome our new coach in with all the respect and decorum that is owed a Hall-of-Fame player and former Capitals captain — by which we mean, posting videos of him on Nickelodeon’s “GUTS.”

For those of you whose middle school years were not in the mid-nineties, “GUTS” was a low-budget, action-competition show on Nickelodeon featuring kids facing off in a variety of athletic challenges, often assisted by guest stars. Adam Oates appeared on the show in 1994, dressed for action in a salmon sweatshirt tucked into high-waisted jeans.


Oates is introduced around the 55 second mark and hangs out for the rest of the episode.

A few things:

  1. Oates, when giving his commentary, refers to the kids as the color of their t-shirts instead of their names. Also, this taping gives us precious insight on the ‘smart moves’ Oates will teach Ovechkin.
  2. Oates may have accumulated the most career playoffs points without ever winning the Stanley Cup, but how many Hall of Famers can say they’ve held a glowing piece of ‘the rock?’
  3. In hindsight, it’s hard to believe Mike O’Malley was given serious roles in network TV shows and not banished from the medium altogether after hosting this.

You better watch the whole episode. And now go check out the other classic videos that the DC Sports Bog unearthed earlier today.

Additional jokes by Ana Hansen. Props to Peter Hassett for finding this video.

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  • Why I love your blog, you find stuff like this!!! Thanks RMNB!

  • Thanks for the awesome flash back to the 90’s, Ian and crew.

  • I totally stole this from reddit/r/hockey


  • Mkpanda78

    Oh the 90’s! When children use to exercise…

  • jennrubenstein

    i had such a huge crush on mo.

  • I really can’t believe what low standards I use to have as a kid. Full disclosure: I totally felt embarrassed watching this haha.

  • cjk

    Mike O’Malley – the same one from “Yes, Dear” with hair!

  • curlanddrag

    I’m not ashamed to admit I got home from work, made a quesadilla, popped open a beer and watched the entire thing. Thank you, RMNB. Thank you.

  • jennrubenstein
  • jennrubenstein

    the guy is legit emmy-worthy on glee.

  • jennrubenstein

    embarrassed?! i met a kid in college that actually had a glowing piece of the aggro crag… i was so excited/jealous.

    way worse was legends of the hidden temple. i bet the guts kids could’ve put together the shrine of the silver monkey with no problem.

  • serpent

    Dang. I thought you all were going to tell us Adam was into theoretical physics. Would have been awesome..

  • suz

    embarrassed??? this is awesome even today. it’s almost like american ninja warrior for tweens. i wish they still had things like this. kids these days are lazy as hell.

  • I like how uncomfortable Adam looks being interviewed with Mike O’Malley’s arm around him.

  • I’m sure he’ll look the same way when he’s first interviewed by Pierre McGuire next season too!

  • What?! Not embarrassing. I ALWAYS wanted to be on this show. Too young/not athletic enough. hahahahaha