2011-12 Year-End Review: Joel Rechlicz

Photo credit: Kyle Mace at Sweetest Hockey on Earth

There are some players who didn’t get a chance to make an impact on the ice with the Caps this year, whether through limited opportunity, injury, or otherwise. That isn’t going to stop us from giving them a disproportionate amount of words, though, because we do what we want.

Joel Rechlicz only played three games with the Capitals this year, but he brought his larger-than-life presence with him, got us talking about his wooden sticks and his ambidextrous punching, and about the changing role of the pure enforcer in the NHL. We are a bit disappointed that we never got to see him fight, but it’s good to know that he is there should the need for violence ever arise.

Cap Hit: $525,000. Rechlicz will be UFA on July 1st.

Milestones: This year, Rechlicz played his first game with the Caps, and also joined twitter!

Best Moment: Getting called up for the first time in over two years.

Best Hershey Moment: Fighting Myles Stoesz in defense of teammate Cody Eakin.

Or this fantastic minute-plus bout with Ryan Schnell of the WBS Penguins.

Things We Said About Joel Rechlicz: “Oh, Joel Rechlicz got called up! Someone must need to be punched in the face.”

Media Consensus: “Wait, why is he here?”

Spirit Animal: The Aggressively Forward Bearded Iris.

Alternate Universe Superhero Identity: Recker

Team Role: Puncher of offending faces.

Execution of that Role: Rechlicz unfortunately did not get the opportunity to punch Rene Bourque’s face, which was the face we most wished to see punched. His Beowulf-esque heroic boasts worked too effectively in this instance.

Beard Rating: Joel’s follicular strength and skill is beyond dispute. Ten out of ten.

Usefulness in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting: It is possible that Joel Rechlicz is the optimal post-apocalyptic companion. We might even take him over Brooks Laich.

Overall Year-End Rating: Two out of two fists.

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  • He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet too!

    My favorite hershey moment of the guy is when he skated by the phantom’s (flyer’s) bench and gave em a “BOO!”. Watching them all jump in terror was amazing.

  • AKA

    Not that it isn’t nice to hear about Rechlicz, but what ever happened to John Erskine? Did he really, really, REALLY piss you off or something?