Free Agency Open Thread

Today is the day. At noon on Sunday, free agency begins. You should probably read the RMNB guide to free agency immediately.

This is your open thread. In here, we’ll post short little updates (with links to credible sources) about big signings and transactions as they happen. If it’s Caps-related, that bad boy will be bold-faced. Keep refreshing the page as the day goes on, as we’ll be updating throughout.

And sound off in the comments. This is your place to sound off about the departures and arrivals that stir you. We use fancy DISQUS comments now, so you won’t have to refresh to see new posts, just keep an eye out for the “new comments” prompt.

Hey, did you read our article on TSN’s snowjob on Alex Semin?

CSN’s Chuck Gormley says the Caps don’t seem to be doing anything today, so we’re gonna cap this here. We’ll keep you posted as free agent season progresses. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • HelimsKingA8

    I’m gonna miss Sasha and Knubes.

  • Ovechkin

    Get rid of Jeff Schultz. We’d be a much better team . He’s solid defensively but can’t put up any hits.

  • Ovechkin

    Hits alone don’t equal wins. It’s about scoring in the end. It helps drain energy from the opponent so they won’t have solid game.

  • Meowmix

    This isn’t baseball. Stop suckling onto your precious stats and Fenwick scores.

  • Hahahahahaha

  • Going to get deleted

    Do you think always having something to say = you are intelligent?

  • you’re not your
    wipe not whipe

  • serpent

    Sasha Sasha Sasha
    and Zach and Sasha

  • Clare


  • I’m scared.

  • Ugh! Look at this guy with his STATS. What an IDIOT. Literally doesn’t understand that hockey is about HEART and SOUL and BEING CANADIAN.

  • Sasha_fan

    It is a total tease to have that article the top related story.

  • What are the odds Parise takes a sane deal (like 26.5/5) somewhere appropriatahahahahaha sorry i couldn’t finish that.

    Some idiot like Feaster or Holmgren is going to give him 12 mil a year until the Rapture.

  • cjk

    Why do you have to have “Caps Resign Semin” as the number 1 related posts? My heart skipped a beat and my smile returned as I believed this to be a recent post. I click on the link and it is from 2009. So sad…..

  • Yv

    I hope that P. Mcguier and M. Crawford read this site, because what they said publicly on TV about Semin just show that both of them complete idiots. You have 100 players on the market and you singling out one player and start ripping him is dead wrong and inappropriate.. It is already got attention of several sites/publications.

  • We’ll have a post on that soon.

  • I’m more embarrassed it says “resign” instead of “re-sign”

  • hi

  • hahaha

  • Did you guys see this Varly interview? He comes off like an utter prick.

  • Dawn

    I see the top related post and get excited… until I realize it’s from 2009. And then my heart breaks all over again. 🙁

  • cjk

    Thanks for the link. Yes, my love for Varly just decreased. There is plenty to do in Hershey. Hershey Park, the Hershey Tour, eat at The Hershey Pantry (yum, yum), get a Hershey bar, visit a sick person at the Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, Hershey, Hershey, Go Bears, B-E-A-R-S ……

  • cjk

    I am resigned to my grammatical deficiencies.

  • A Fine Messi

    why hello there.

  • Colin

    is knuble as sure as semin about not coming back?

  • Colin

    is knuble definitely out?

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  • serpent

    Yes. GMGM called him and told him to hit the road.