Alex Semin’s agent Mark Gandler did not respond kindly to TSN analyst Marc Crawford’s fair and balanced screed about his client yesterday. He went as far as implying legal action.

“I can tell you that’s the worst I’ve ever heard an analyst say about any player,” Gandler told CSN Washington’s Chuck Gormley. “It’s just prejudice, and there is no place for that in the National Hockey League.”

Less than twelve hours after his rant, TSN’s Darren Dreger announced Crawford has accepted a head coaching position with the Zurich ZSC Lions, located in Switzerland.

Sounds like a good move to us. Crawford’s slanderous craw is now headed to Zurich, far away from TV cameras and our radar. For a while, Crawford was considered a candidate the head coaching job in Washington, so we’re just grateful that didn’t happen.

It’d be nice to think of Crawford’s exile to Switzerland as an escape from the riotous hordes of Alex Semin fans, but that would be silly.

So here’s hoping this is the the last time we utter Marc Crawford’s name on RMNB, unless we’re talking about NHL04 and those weird coaching strategy videos.

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  • Add commentator killer to the Alex Semin resume.

  • Mark Gandler

    I will.

  • Good riddance to him. Crawford can take a flying leap.

  • Good riddance to bad rubbish …

  • have fun Switzerland. moron

  • serpent

    There goes the neighborhood in Zurich. When did Canada start shipping their garbage to Switzerland?

  • hokaheyhockey

    Now if we can get Pierre Maguire Shanabanned for his dirty head shot on Semin, I might just begin to believe there is justice in the NHL.

  • MtLoudoun

    How many steps below Columbus is Zurich?????

  • Rhino40

    A lot. A super lot. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Well this is going to be interesting… I wonder how Mr. Crawford is going to handle the upcoming Steve Moore – Todd Bertuzzi trial which is scheduled to start this fall, just when hockey starts up, only to have to turn his ass right back around because we all know he’s going to be called as a witness. Before this all happened I was willing to say that Bertuzzi was wholly to blame for what he did to Moore to end his career, but I’m more than willing to let Crawford and his corrosive attitude take some of the blame. If Semin’s a coach killer, Crawford, in my eyes, can hold the career killer title.
    Mr. Crawford, don’t let the door hit ya.

  • CCCP74

    Crawford’s a dink… but c’mon… hatin’ on a guy who’s bashing a player who won’t sign for the Caps? Calm down, comrades… He’s not Milbury or McGuire – save your disdain for someone who’s worthy.

  • Marc Feldman

    Please try to get Pierre Lacroix and the Avalanche to sign Semin! As a current law school student, future NHL Agent and die hard Avs fan; I would LOVE to see him with the Avs.