Beagle’s secret negotiation weapon: big sad eyes.

The Capitals had three restricted free agents eligible for arbitration this year — Mike Green, Mathieu Perreault, and new fan favorite Jay Beagle. The team extended qualifying offers to all three players earlier during the offseason, and Thursday the club announced that they had signed two out of the three.

Mathieu Perreault effectively doubled last year’s salary, signing a two-year deal worth $2.1 million that will pay him $1 million this season and $1.1 million the next, while Beagle signed a three-year deal worth $2.7 million, a $388,000 raise from last season’s salary.

“They told me I was part of the elite forwards on the team,” Perreault told the Washington Post. “They see me on top lines and they think I can do good things for them, so I’m excited for next year. A new coach coming in hopefully I’ll get a little more ice time than I did last year.”

We’re still waiting to hear word of Mike Green’s contract talks; the Capitals have an option to elect their own arbitrator, but they likely will be able to resolve it in the same way that Beagle and Perreault have — leg-wrestling straightfoward negotiation.

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  • Laichitorlovit

    Do you think the Caps will make a move for Ryan?

  • I think they _should_. Don’t know if they will. I’ll have a post about that before next week.

  • notindc

    i’d rather we make a play for webber, who’s w/ me?

  • Zach E.

    If the Caps think Perreault is part of the ‘forward crew” gonna be a long season

  • Zach E.

    *elite forward crew

  • Perry is awesome and i love him, but i dont think he can make up for sasha….

    Also: According to GMGM’s quote, Brouwer is gonna have to score 41 goals this year to make up for Sasha 🙁

  • GMGM


  • I’m glad they signed Matty P. and Beags. No, they aren’t spectacular or elite, but they are solid bottom-six guys. Now, Green, sign on the dotted line, baby. We want you back.

  • rj

    no we don’t over priced under performing premadonna

  • a) Don’t let the player walk away for nothing, If you want him gone, sign him then trade him.

    b) underperforming (adj.) having suffered a stifling injury

    c) it’s “prima donna” and it’s borderline misogynist either way

  • Sign Sasha to another 1-year discount deal (he’ll stay to earn beef up his value for the next paycheck) and if he plays like he is doing a favor trade him for a 1st round pick and a good over-sized prospect center…similar to a Varly deal…