On Friday, we published a story about Alex Ovechkin and through the wondrous powers of photo and GIF illustrated how he’s been spending most of his summer vacation: faithfully by the side of his girlfriend, tennis superstar Maria Kirilenko.

Well on Saturday, Tumblr was abuzz yet again with a set of GIFs showing some playful interaction between the two lovebirds.

During Maria’s fourth round match-up against Shuai Peng at Wimbledon, a loud, boisterous fan in the front row called out for a souvenir during a break in action. Kirilenko, not one to disappoint a supporter, tossed over an authentic Wimbledon towel.

GIFs by badasskiri.tumblr.com.

Look how star-struck Ovechkin is! Maybe he’ll get it signed.

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  • Ovi looks ridiculous in that Air-Jordan tracksuit!!! Amazing hahahahahaaaaaa!!! BEST)))))))))))

  • juliusc

    i’d have a really big, dumb grin too, if I was going home with her after the match.

  • wing

    Marry that girl, Alex!!