Photo credit: Chris Gordon

There were 46 prospects invited to Caps Development Camp, but arguably the two that DC fans most wanted to see were brand new 2012 draftees Tom Wilson and Filip Forsberg. Wilson has been billed as a power forward in the mold of Milan Lucic, while Forsberg is a high-talent offensive player who the Caps were lucky to draft eleventh overall.

Both impressed on the first day of Development Camp, Forsberg with his skating skill and Wilson with the physicality we’d heard all about, hitting hard all throughout the scrimmage that took place in the later half of the day. RMNB’s Chris Gordon has got plenty of photos of the future Caps stars below.


  • Is there any sort of live blog/tweet feed we can follow to see how other guys are doing? I’d love have updates in my feeds.

  • CConway

    I’m getting a sense of deja vu with mighty ducks. Wilson being Portman (:

  • +100

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  • Adam Vingan

    I enjoy being on the front page of Russian Machine Never Breaks. Let’s keep that going.

  • I’m not sure what I love more, Adam: your innocent, inquisitive look or Forsberg’s sheer joy. Filip looks like it’s Christmas Day and Santa brought him that new hockey stick he always wanted.