Caps Development Camp had its first fight today, coming after the final buzzer sounded on Thursday’s scrimmage, which Team Red won 6-3. Max Iafrate, son of former Cap Al Iafrate, dropped the gloves with 2012 third-round draft pick Chandler Stephenson after a scrum in front the white team’s net. The bout came after the squads were jawing at each other in the waning minutes of the game. (Some gems from Tom Wilson: “What are you, 25? Let the kids play!” and “Why you do us all a favor a take some skating lessons, [expletive]!”)

“Oates said he didn’t want us fighting, but when your [freaking] adrenaline gets flowing…” Iafrate told reporters at Kettler Capitals Iceplex immediately following the scrap. “I guess fight when the opportunity knocks. You don’t look for it.”

“I was playing the game,” Iafrate continued. “He kind of hit me after I put the puck down the ice. I kind of like swung my foot to try to trip him. Then he cross-checked me.”

Caps Head Coach Adam Oates was not impressed.

“I did talk to the guys [after practice]. I really don’t want that,” Oates said. “We’re all here under the Capitals umbrella. I know you want to show your stuff and there’s plenty of time for that down the road. But they still get frustrated at times and I understand that as well.”

Check out my photos of the scrap below.

Photos of the Fight

Tom Wilson jaws with a member of the white team.

As does Iafrate.

  • B-Law

    Iafrate has his shirt halfway off, and swinging, long before Stephenson even dropped his stick, let alone either glove!

  • Mike Reppenhagen

    So, looks like the nod goes to Iafrate based on the pics. Is that the case?

  • dan

    looks like an undrafted asshole totally ripped an unprepared solid prospect. fail.

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  • Peter Hassett

    hahaha Gary I SEE YOU

  • iwearstripes

    Yes… yes you do.

  • Luke

    this is pretty f-ing stupid. You can be competitive without having to fight, like (most of) the stanley cup