Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

One of the remaining mysteries of this free agency season is what will be done with the elite-scoring, media-baffling Alex Semin. Now that Suter and Parise have picked their fates and signed their contracts, Semin is the remaining conspicuous free agent. Rumors abound that Semin is looking for a long-term deal, only to be rebuffed because GMs like Carolina’s Jim Rutherford have “heard the stories about him.”

Meanwhile, the Capitals inchoate lineup for 2012-13 lacks at least one top-six forward. Now, Semin’s agent Mark Gandler tells Sovetysky Sport that the Capitals have been asking Semin to come back “all the time.”

In speaking with S. Begishev of Sovetsky Sport, Gandler states twice that he would not comment on Semin’s negotiations– and then comments specifically on Semin’s negotiations.

First, Gandler dismisses rumors that Semin has been offered a three-year, $30 million deal by the KHL club CSKA, urging that we media folks should not listen to “what people without knowledge are saying.” Gandler reiterates what he’s said before: “The NHL is our priority.”

Begishev asked specifically about Semin and the Capitals:

Begishev: Why is Semin, who had almost 60 points under Washington’s defensive-minded system, not a priority for the Capitals?

Gandler: That’s all made up. Washington asks us to come back all the time. But again, I don’t want to comment on the Semin negotiations.

So despite vociferously refusing to comment on Semin’s status, his agent has given us two juicy nuggets: 1) rumors of a KHL deal are lies, dirty lies; and 2) Caps + Sasha = BFFs.

Yeah, we’ll probably keep you posted on this story.

Translation by Fedor Fedin. Holla at Dmitry Chesnokov for the heads-up.

  • Major sticking point in negotiations: Semin apparently asking for a “Really really big cookie. Like, stupid big, man. Choclate[sic] chip.”

  • hahaha

  • I’ll use this space in the comments for my perfunctory: WARNING WARNING THIS IS AN AGENT SPEAKING message

  • Hale

    Could we all just chip in and get Sasha a new agent?

  • CanadianCapsFan

    id hope we’re at least talking with him, but I’m going to take this with a grain of salt. gandler’s sleazy, and whether or not the caps want sasha back he’d always say the same thing. talking to a friend of mine on the business side of hockey, the major thing keeping teams away from semin is the fact that the only nhl team hes ever played for clearly doesn’t want him. we need a top six winger, we have more than enough cap space, he’s the longest serving cap on the roster, and we still aren’t biting on a two year deal at a cap hit considerably lower than what we were paying him.

  • “In speaking with S. Begishev of Sovetsky Sport, Gandler states twice
    that he would not comment on the Semin’s negotiations– and then comments
    specifically on Semin’s negotiations.”

    [Nods approvingly] Well said, Hassett.

  • This Gandler guy is a tool box of gargantuan proportions. This guy’s English is worse than Sasha’s.

  • mike

    Mr. Gandler: nobody is buying what you are selling (both literally and figuratively). You may wish to change your approach – or your career.

  • Justin

    “Right now, I’m very into cookies. You know, like how it was baked. You know, like, what is it; chocolate chip? You know, cookie is so
    humungous big, right? But, if you see choclate chips and cookie on same side, you know, like, and you see it and it was so small; need big cookie with lots choclate chip” – Alex “Byrz” Semin

  • serpent

    Best idea ,there. How about Mrs. Ovechkin? She did pretty well for the other Sasha.

  • I agree with Hale…think agent is the problem, not Sasha

  • Sasha, please find a new fucking agent. And then sign the fucking contract so we can have you back in Washington where you belong.

  • I’m totally shocked at how much you guys hate this agent.

  • What a great choice for a headline photo. Whoever chose that is clearly the most hip member of RMNB.

  • Dawn

    I’d totally chip in to get Sasha a new agent. I want to punch Gandler in the face. Repeatedly.

  • Rhino40

    Are you sure that cookie is not actually humagous cookie–like almost make you think of entire universe, with each choclat(sic.) chip a star or planet? Да?

  • Rhino40

    Maybe Arlis$?

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  • CB

    Some of these Russian agents just come across so poorly. It seems that Gandler has completely bungled free agency for Semin. In other incompetent Russian agent news, I saw Varly’s Russian agent recently giving a quote about what Russian goalies in the NHL will do during the potential lockout as far as playing in the KHL. It appears that he might also be Bob’s agent as well (It was hard to tell with Google translate). I was hoping that Varly would fire him after what happened last summer, but I guess these guys just can’t get themselves fired.

  • Mike D

    Its not that we dont want Sasha, we just want to pay market value and not one cent more. I guarantee if GMGM could get him done at something like 2 yrs/2.5 per he would do it…nobody else is willing to go more than 1 year out and NOBODY, besides the KHL (whose motto seems to be “sign em then worry about paying them”) will offer more than 1 or 2 mil til he proves rumors wrong. Regardless, IF he stays in N America someones getting a bargain imo. And I would prefer its the Caps