It’s summertime: lean days for hockey fans. But I’ve got some good news though: here’s an opportunity to play (or watch) hockey– and do it for a good cause.

On August 3-5, the Gardens Ice House in Laurel, MD is hosting the Leap Towards a Cure Presented by Outback Steakhouse, Laurel, MD, hockey tournament. 26 teams will compete in the tourney to raise money for the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.

Leap Towards a Cure is looking for players for the tournament right now, so if your rec league is winding down, please get the word out. There are a bunch of divisions for different talent levels, so please don’t worry about your skills.  They particularly need free agent skaters for the women’s division.

Plus, you might see some hockey guys you might know.

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Attention: The following post is only available for RMNB Platinum readers who own two yachts, a dirigible, and several bidets installed in their gated-community mansions.

I spent draft night like I would any other. I had my personal sommelier open a bottle of fine wine, reclined on my settee, and tuned my 65″ Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD series television onto TSN.

My Capitals had two pics in the top 20, but I pondered how they’d handle it. Would they trade up for a top pick? Would GMGM infuriate the entire fan base and take more Russians? Would they work a deal for a veteran player? The possibilities are endless, I thought to myself as I fed my hairless sphynx some truffle shavings.

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