Alex Ovechkin Breaks Standing No-Jagr Rule

Photo credit: Kyle Terada

Alex Ovechkin is no stranger to the Olympic games, but this summer in London he’s just along for the ride. He’s been watching his girlfriend Maria Kirlienko compete in tennis for Russia and soaking in the special atmosphere of the Olympics, watching events, meeting new people, forming new friensh —

Wait wait, back up, what is this?

We know the Olympics are all about fellowshipping and the athletic spirit overcoming all boundaries, but this is just taking it too far. We’ve received these photos of Ovechkin watching a Russia-Kazakhstan tennis doubles match on our 24-hour emergency hotline set up specifically for monitoring Jagr proximity. The incident took place yesterday at a Russia-Kazakhstan women’s tennis doubles match won by Kirilenko and her partner Nadia Petrova. Both men were apparently there cheering on Team Russia, though the reasons for Jagr’s sudden fandom are much less clear than Ovechkin’s reasons.

Jaromir Jagr remains Public Enemy Number One in Washington DC after bilking the Capitals franchise out of millions of dollars and carrying them off in giant bags with dollar signs on them, twirling his villainous mustache. We’d prefer that Ovechkin stay far away from him whenever possible, in case Jagr is somehow contagious. One cannot be too careful.

We prefer the other Jagr/Ovechkin Olympic moment.

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