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On a fairly tame July 1st this year, the most notable thing that happened on the first day of free agency was not a player signing, but TSN opening fire on free agent Alex Semin with what bordered on xenophobic hate speech. The worst offender, former NHL Head Coach Marc Crawford, called Semin “a complete loser” and said that he had “no character”. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s worth reviewing here.

The next day, Crawford did us all a favor and left the continent, accepting a head coaching position with the ZSC [Zurich] Lions in Switzerland. Hooray! We thought we’d never have to watch him on TV or hear his commentary ever again.

We were wrong.

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Alex Ovechkin isn’t competing at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but he’s been there the whole time anyway, cheering on his girlfriend Maria Kirilenko in women’s tennis. Despite his spectator status, he’s gotten into the Olympic spirit, attending Maria’s matches and making new connections with international athletes.

The sadly unengaged Ovechkin has always enjoyed meeting fellow celebrities and has never lost his enthusiasm for it — this summer, he’s tweeting these celebrity run-ins as they happen, thoughtfully giving us a clear timeline of his new friends.

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