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A few weeks ago, 20-year-old Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov returned home to Chelyabinsk to start training for the upcoming 2012-13 KHL season with Traktor Cheylabinsk. Already a beloved figure in his hometown, Kuznetsov saw his profile increase over the summer after committing to the KHL for two more seasons and winning a World Championship gold medal as part of the Russian National team. Kuznetsov’s club even succumbed to the hoopla by raising his name and number 92 up to the rafters in his home arena to show their appreciation.

On the morning of July 26th, Kuznetsov decided to put his fame to good use by hosting a public workout for over 200 orphans in the heart of Cheylabinsk, at Revolution Square.

Kuzya had the kids from the orphanage called “Revival” try more than ten different exercises in 20 minutes, including stretching, squats, and pushups. He even showed the orphans how to do some of his more complicated exercises that he does before games. And Kuznetsov dressed appropriately for the carefully choreographed PR event by wearing a… Washington Capitals hat?

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Wait… what? Can we zoom in here?

Yup. He sure is. At least we still know he’s still thinking about us.

After Kuzya had worked out with the children, he gave them gifts and then signed autographs for all who asked.

“Such events (like a star player holding a workout) are very important for kids so that they can learn what to do to have a healthy lifestyle,” Kuznetsov told the media afterwards. “It’s not a problem for me to wake up 30 minutes early for practice to help those less fortunate.”

Kuznetsov will continue to train in Cheylabinsk until next week where he’ll fly to Switzerland along with Caps defenseman Dmitry Orlov for a Russian National team camp.

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