Alex Ovechkin Plays Shirtless Soccer Again

Photos expertly taken by Perry Keating. (Copyright Perry Keating 2012)

Soon after representing the NHLPA in Toronto, Alex Ovechkin was back at home in Virginia playing soccer with his shirt off. Along with girlfriend (and Olympic bronze medalist!) Maria Kirilenko and Capitals teammates Stan Galiev and Dmitry Orlov, Ovi kicked the ball around on Wednesday night, letting us all know he’s fit and active during this hopefully not overlong offseason.

This is just the latest in the continuing saga of A.O.’s love affair with unamerican football. Recall if you will last year’s world champs, when Team Russia ditched morning workouts to kick the ball around sans shirts. And also that time Ovechkin wore that thing at that place that made us giggle.

Ovechkin’s fitness comes as a huge relief to the Caps community, who last summer suffered terribly under the extinction-level crisis we now know as Fat-Gate. Ovechkin appears lithe and healthy here, which is exactly what any rational person would expect of an elite professional athlete.

But hey, are those love handles over there? Internet: to your battle-stations! What possible reason would the player who ranked 21st in hits last season be doing with a non-zero amount of body fat? Scandal! Outrage! Nutrition!

Yeah, we’re just not feeling it this year.


Dmitry Orlov (in black) was one of the goalies.


Ovi looks to pass to Maria.

Ovechkin walks off the field with Stan Galiev.

Huge props to Perry Keating for sharing the photos with us. Also, we’d like to extend a thank you to Victoria for first telling us about them.

  • glenda

    He is in very good shape, lets go CAPS….

  • His male version of a tramp stamp just accentuates the problem area. lol

  • Bellka

    Ovie was never known for a swimmer’s lean physique… He is a hockey player after all….

  • Anyone building weight and mass over toning knows that his body is perfectly fine for hockey.

  • Yeah, I was hoping that’s clear in the post. No one’s actually saying otherwise (that I’ve seen.)

  • …..

  • Shell

    Looks like a hockey player!

  • Goddamn I just hope there’s a season next year.

  • serpent

    Ok, fine. He’s in shape to play. Now, what about the CBA talks?!

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  • James

    At risk of starting a firestorm, it’s his core strength that will reduce his risk of injury. Suffice to say that it doesn’t look like he over-trained, but he’s fit. His leg strength and cardio will reflect his explosiveness and ability to get back on D. You can’t tell much from these photos on that. He might have done some running and played a little tennis this summer. Sure beats vodka shots.

  • Jasper

    Anyone know at field these photos were taken?

  • MC3

    Looks like Linway Terrace in McLean

  • Julz


    Perfect comment!

  • Stephen

    Just looking at his frame, he’d be SO fat if he wasn’t an athlete

  • chris p

    tramp stamp aint cutting it. wtf is that. seriously. and kanji? a russian playing a canadian sport in america with japanese tattoos. Mind. Blown.