Willie the Dog Eats Slapshot, Feels Shame

Have you heard of Dogshaming? It’s the popular new tumblelog all about shaming naughty dogs for their transgressions. Georgia the fridge-raiding bulldog will be up there eventually, but for now I want to direct your attention to Willie, who nommed down on a certain feathered hockey mascot you may recognize.

Tanya, better known on the tweeters as @slapbetcomish, shared this mugshot on Thursday night after Willie violated the laws of the land. Since March, Slapshot sat innocently on the back of Tonya’s sofa, but when her boyfriend (a Pens fan… more on that later) came home on Thursday night, Slapshot lay disemboweled on the floor, the victim– as Tonya puts it — “of a savage attack at the paws of one puppy.”

Shaming took the form of the sign above, which reads: “I ate Slapshot. Mommy accused me of being a Flyers fan (sad face).”

Here’s the thing. We have no one to corroborate the story of this boyfriend, who I remind you is a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. For all we know, Willie might have been set up. Willie might be the fallpup, a stooge in a much larger and far more nefarious plot to undermine Washington hockey.

We hope the judge keeps this in mind during sentencing.

If you’ve got more dog pics, naughty or nice, send ’em our way. Our comments support images again, and we have some time to kill before hockey.

Thanks to Tanya for the photo and her story.

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  • That is way too neat for the dog to have done it. There would have been fuzz everywhere when he shook his head….

  • Yeah.

    This photo has clearly been staged. I doubt any real photographic evidence of the crime scene exists. With this much contamination, the chances of a cover up seem high.

    The canine criminal justice system is totally effed.

  • All i want is the picture of Karl Alzner’s dogs with bow ties on. Seriously, it’s the greatest picture i’ve ever seen in my entire life. lol

  • Moira Donohue

    I bought my dog a roadkill penguin for Christmas. Just sayin’.

  • Definitely a staged photo.

    Alzner needs to put up his dogs with a sign “We trashed our dad’s house while he was involved in a triple-overtime playoff hockey game.”