SHOE: Check Out the New Hershey Bears Jerseys

Click Here To View The New Logo and Jerseys

Our brotherblog Sweetest Hockey on Earth has great coverage of the Hershey Bears’ new logo, jerseys, and mascot. The new debut was made to celebrate the team’s 75th anniversary. We all think the new design is fantastic, and Coco’s six-pack abs are okay too.

Go read about it over at Sweetest Hockey on Earth.

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  • serpent

    The new look is totally awesome! Especially since it looks as if we will be watching the Bears play this season instead of the Caps.Hear that,Bettman, owners? We have AHL, KHL,ECHL,WHL–well, you get the idea. Sure, fans are loyal.Loyal to hockey, not to greed. Go ahead with your lock out,Dude, we still have hockey.