BREAKING: Alex Ovechkin Shaved His Head

Via his Twitter.

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  • Danielle

    He looks badass.

  • Stephanie M. Daly

    looks good! nice to change it up a bit!

  • Patti del Pielago

    Awwww, Ovi pulled a Britney Spears.

  • Steve Hickey

    Russian machine is 3% lighter.

  • Bryant Thomas

    dude, we shaved our heads on the same day. coincidence? i think not.

  • Scott Mallon


  • serpent

    Ok, what size helmet does he wear now?

  • Karen Gray Edwards

    He looks like Jesse Pinkman.

  • Alex Gregory

    He’s just trying to be “Like Laich”

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  • bskillet

    Looks to be ready to go, now we just have to get the league ready to go?