Mike Ribeiro Shows Up To Scrimmage As Goalie; Kids Fight

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new Capitals goaltender, Mike Ribeiro. (Photo credit: Lisa Gasparott)

Unbeknownst to most Capitals fans, a handful of players have been participating in informal workouts at Kettler Capitals IcePlex these last few weeks, skating and preparing themselves for the upcoming season (whenever that might be). Russians Stanislav Galiev and Dmitry Orlov (who we last saw playing shirtless soccer with Ovechkin) have been the most dedicated, skating at Kettler nearly every day for a few weeks. Michal Neuvirth, John Carlson, Mike Green, and goalie prospect Sergey Kostenko have also made appearances.

On Friday, an estimated fifty onlookers at Kettler were given a special treat when the Capitals’ new second line center, Mike Ribeiro, made an appearance and participated in a 3-on-3 scrimmage, though — uh — not in his normal gear. He also brought two smallish guests, who we’re told showed the most fire of any players on the ice that day.

I’ll let RMNB reader Lisa Gasparott, who was there, explain.

Practice has been pretty slim all week, but Friday was a treat since Mike Ribeiro showed up – in goalie gear. Dmitry Orlov and Stanislav Galiev were on the ice with Ribeiro, John Carlson, Mike Green, and Pat from Coldrush. They started warming-up with some skating drills and then had a 3-on-3 scrimmage. Riberio’s kids, Mikael and Noah, were in the mix for a bit of it. They were keeping up with the big boys. They both have some pretty good wrist shots and weren’t at all intimidated by the guys who were 10 times their size. At one point, Ribeiro’s kids “threw down” and gave us a show! Probably 50 spectators were cheering them on! We are all hoping it’s just a preview of what Dad is going to show us this season!

Afterward, Ribeiro came over to the kids who were waiting by the gate and signed some things and took pictures. He’s very soft spoken and sweet. His boys came over too. They were the same demeanor. Beasts on the ice, but sweet off of it. His boys told me they were both going to be playing for the Reston Raiders this year, so that should be quite a treat for them!

Since arriving in D.C., Ribeiro has already shown the signs of being a character. He’s been called a “rapper” by head coach Adam Oates for the way he dressed, was photographed painting stuff during D.C. public schools beautification day, and bragged on Twitter about “dominating” his fan challengers on Words With Friends despite English not being his first language.

I love him already. Please, Gary, let the season start on time.

Anyways, Lisa has been nice enough to share the photos she took on Friday. Enjoy. They are amazing.


Papa Ribeiro makes sure his sons are hydrated before skating.

Dima shoots; Mike ponders what he has gotten himself into.

Mike Green looking like he just got back from starring in the sequel of Castaway.

Full extension!

Nope, didn’t get it.

Apparently, Mike laid like this for a solid two minutes straight after that failed save.

Even Ribeiro’s kids can score on him!

Mikael and Noah settle their differences like my brother and I would after I beat him at Tecmo Super Bowl.


  • Awesome job, Lisa! Great report!

  • Is he using Jose Theodore’s old mask?

  • Thanks Matt!!

  • serpent

    Put Mikael and Noah on the Bears squad so we can watch some scrappy hockey this season.Um, we’ll leave Pop in his usual position, I think.

  • Hale

    Ribeiro has been showing up at Kettler to skate for the last couple of weeks, at least. My son was in a ColdRush class on Monday mornings and Mike, as well as the rest of the guys mentioned, were either already there skating on the other sheet or got on after the class. One day Halpern skated with the class.

  • theresa

    What time are they tending to practice each day and for how long???

  • hma

    He looks like Luongo

  • Holy_Cal

    Clearly Neuvirth is the weakest competition Ribeiro has ever faced