As the NHL spirals towards its second lockout in less than a decade, every member of the Washington Capitals organization — from the players, front office, and arena workers — will find themselves without work. (Oh no, us too!) Lucky for Caps PA Announcer Wes Johnson, he has an awesome day job.

Wes is both an accomplished actor (A Dirty Shame, anyone?) and voice-over artist. You know when you’re driving to work listening to Elliot in the Morning? Wes’s voice is in like 95% of the commercials.

And on August 18th Johnson filmed a national commercial for VISA, starring both Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and an adorable little girl.

Today, the commercial dropped and below the jump you can check it out.

Johnson, dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt, plays the hard-hitting journalist. He starts the 30-second commercial off with a question for Ray: “Seems like you guys got a little gassed out…,” Of course, Ray ignores the question because it’s not about him. Instead he points to a little girl, who I’m pretty sure is too young to have a blog, and has her conduct an entire one-on-one interview to humiliate the rest of the beat writers. Just imagine what it’d be like for me to ask questions in the Capitals locker room and that’s basically how it goes.

A few observations, First, I’ve never seen a press corps dressed this nicely. Where are the sweat pants and polo shirts? Second, did Lewis really say his favorite animal is a sea turtle? Um, what? Ray, you better change your favorite animal to that flying bird on your chest or you’ll be… quoth the raven, nevermore.

Anyways, Johnson’s acting in the commercial is tremendous. His facial expressions are perfect; his hand gestures subtle. The approving nod for the little girl after she finishes asking questions is a great touch.

The best news out of all of this is that Wes can now say he’s technically been in a commercial with Morgan Freeman. Another great achievement for a guy who does way more than scream “unleash the fury” at Verizon Center.

Photo credit: Wes Johnson

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  • KMK

    I don’t know… a sea turtle could be a *terrapin*, you know. 😉

  • Elliotte

    Is that the nickname of the UMD swim teams?

  • JfordGiantsFan_raylewisfan

    Your point failed! No other animal has a more difficult time reaching adulthood than a sea turtle. Well maybe a sea turtle and a poor black American male.