Listen: I know the Capitals are a regional team, drawing fans from Maryland and Virginia, in addition to the District. But Piney Orchard and Capital Centre are proof that the team’s roots are deep in the Old Line State. And it’s for fans from the great state of Maryland that we debut this new RMNB shirt.

The Baltimore Orioles are competing for their first playoff run since puberty (ours, maybe not yours), and they’re doing it with help from a 20-year-old from Miami named Manny Machado. He made waves by hitting three home runs in his first thirteen at bats, but his real achievement has been in the field. Taking Cal’s old spot at third base (instead of his preferred position, Cal’s old spot at short stop), Manny has surprised baseball fans with his surprising maturity and defensive savvy.

Consider this move on Wednesday night, wherein Machado tricks Tampa’s Rich Thompson into a trap. Machado palms the ball and fakes a pass, letting Thompson think  he should run home. But no. Manny purloins that third out, saving the game in the process. Our pal Daniel Moroz at Camden Crazies called it Jeter-like (we assume this means smart defense, not saying Manny has an overly large and malformed head). A few minutes later, Machado scored the winning run on a Nate McLouth hit.

The Os are still positioning for first the AL East thanks to plays like this, and for the first time in a long time the Baltimore club has a future. We now see a fanbase growing across this great state and beyond. Perniciously they reach into Virginia and the District, usurping the territory of its bewildered Expos fans– and everywhere they go, they declare it MANNYLAND.

Wear this shirt while cheering on your favorite AL east, bird-mascotted team playing their first winning season since the Clinton administration. Tell the world you were there when the Orioles magic was rekindled.

Go Get the Mannyland T-Shirt.

  • Wow, steal from @ProtectThisYard much? They only beat you to “Mannyland” thing by more than a month, releasing this shirt before he was called up: I love RMNB, but this is a disappointing “bite.”

  • Also, just to be annoyingly nitpicky “He made waves by hitting four home runs in his first twelve at bats” is an incorrect statement. He hit 2 HR in his first 7 AB (both in his second game), the third in his 13th AB, and hit the 4th last Friday 9/7.

  • Sentient Cheese

    except, y’know, not the same shirt at all.

  • Livia

    What a terrific play! I’m rooting for the Orioles from afar, as I’m too busy following the Nationals (not the Expos, you snarky bloggers) to keep track of the Os game-to-game. Still, looking forward to seeing the Os beat out the Yankees for the division title and go deep in the post-season. It must be a great feeling for longtime Os fans to see them playing out of their minds like this.

  • That was my bust. Thanks for the fix.

  • Leave the AngelO’s out of the Caps blog… Even if you’re O’s fans. Don’t want to see this crap.

  • RussianThieveryNeverStops

    Great job stealing Protect This Yard’s design, guys! Keep up the good work! Maybe you should start selling Don’t Run Ever shirts next.

  • I didn’t design the shirt, but I didn’t know what “protect this yard” was until I saw it in this comment thread.

  • I mean this with no disrespect, person who is angry at me. I never saw (I’m assuming) your Spreadshirt Store, and the design I did reflects that. I would never blatantly copy a design from someone. I honestly don’t know what to say beyond that because this seems so ridiculous to me. Having the same subject matter doesn’t = stealing. I love the fact you’re an Orioles fan and are aware of RMNB. I appreciate it. Looking at your store, you do make some cool stuff so you should definitely keep at it. But I really don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish in the comments here, other than to promote yourself by putting me down. That’s not nice, but I’ll offer you hugs anyways.

  • serpent

    Oh, go suck a lemon,Nick. Bettman’s doing his best to kill our Caps season. We can joy ride the Birds and Ravens, too, for that matter.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Seems like something got … lost in translation. ::puts on sunglasses:: YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Oh wait I think I was supposed to put the sunglasses on, then say “lost in translation.” Whatever, you get the point.

  • Peter

    Comment of the year candidate

  • just bought 3 shirts!

  • Brouwer Rangers

    I’ll be using it for every RMNB-related “controversy” for the foreseeable future. I plan to run it straight into the ground.

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  • i just wanted to tell you guys this shirt got me this picture. thank you so much.