Brooks Laich’s on the Cover of Shy Magazine

Photo credit: Rebecca Siegel/Shy Magazine

We have some exciting news for all you Brooks Laich fans out there: Laich is the cover boy of the upcoming issue of Shy Magazine. And as this picture so clearly shows: he’s on a mother [redacted] boat.

Shy Magazine is an “elegant upscale magazine geared to the Fashion and Entertainment world of the DC, Maryland, NY, LA and Virginia area.” Their regular features include Bashful Beauties, Timid To Do Lists, Reserved Reservations, and Demure Detours. With Laich’s gee golly attitude and quiet charm, you can see why he got involved.

A few weeks ago, Laich and his baby blues did a photoshoot on a yacht in the middle of the Potomac, right near Georgetown. Shy’s Shan Lachel describes the experience.

Brooks, who’s originally from Canada is one of the Washington Cap’s most popular players. Imagine our surprise when we met him, to know how incredibly down to earth (and funny) this guy is. Brooks Laich shot a cool spread on the Firefly yacht surrounded by beautiful models who were laced in beautiful swimsuits and garments from Celine De Paris, and 3 Sisters boutiques.

Of course us girls were gitty like school girls, but regardless of being surrounded by beautiful models, Brooks was rather relaxed and seemed to just enjoy the water and talking to everyone — From our behind the scene photographers, to the Yacht’s captain.

Oh, Brooks. You’re charming and perfect in every single way. Never change.

Shy promises they’ll be posting a video interview with Brooks soon. Until then, check out their entire gallery and the cover below.

Photo credit: Rebecca Siegel/Shy Magazine

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  • Jen

    It’s a good thing the pictures are nice, because the text (Shy’s, not RMNB’s) is almost illiterate.

  • Clare

    what does being “gitty” mean?

  • jack

    I hear you. “Us girls” (we girls), “gitty” (giddy), using the word “beautiful” in every sentence… I’d rather see Brooks on the cover of AAA magazine, changing a fan’s tire!

  • I’m totally fine with “us girls” in the same way I’m totally fine with everything Mark Twain ever wrote.

  • Katie

    If I ever wrote anything with spelling and grammar like that and submitted it professionally, I would be laughed off the face of the Earth.

    “[Elegant] upscale magazine geared to the Fashion and Entertainment world of the DC, Maryland, NY, LA and Virginia area”… It sounds nit-picky, but why is Virginia off floating at the end instead of in the mix with the rest of the DMV? If the list were alphabetized, sure, but it just seems strange. Also, Oxford comma. LA and Virginia area would basically include the entire country. UGGGGHHHHHHH.

  • Ha. You guys are vicious. This is probably why shy people are shy in the first place.

  • So this year it’s Brooks on a boat with girls, not Ovie, very funny. He’s got some skinny legs.

  • Red_Mosquito

    Dear lord, could he be *any* hotter? The answer is: No, no he can not. *swoon*

  • Brooks Laich is a talker, go figure. Talks a lot. Not a lot of action, typical Laich.

  • I agree with pretty much everyone else. It’s a good thing Brooks is so pretty, I’m guessing no one picks up Shy Magazine for the articles. Slap those baby blues on the cover of any magazine and the ladies will buy it…..I know I want to 🙂

  • serpent

    Across the Pond, it’s used the way we’d reference a dumb ass or jerk.