RMNB Readers Wish Alex Ovechkin a Happy 27th Birthday

We asked you, deranged and lovely readers of RMNB, to congratulate our hero Alex Ovechkin on his 27th year of life. You had to make a birthday card. The only rule was that you had to use a cheap graphic editor to make it.

What we didn’t tell you is that we don’t have to follow the same rules. Above is our card for Ovi, via RMNB resident artist Rachel Cohen. Meanwhile, you guys knocked this assignment out of the park. Like Josh Morgan, you threw a football into the face of your limitations and blazed new trails of Art with a capital A. Cruise on down past the jump to check out the gallery. And make sure to vote for your favorite on our Facebook fan page at 10am this morning.

Abbie’s family sent us in this video of their adorable daughter playing hockey. Abbie wishes Ovi (and Brooks Laich?) a happy birthday from Langley Air Force Base. She even scores a goal. Though Abbie, where’s the belly pat celebration after you score? Also, what’s your t-shirt size? We want to send you a shirt.

Joanne reveals that Ovi lied when he told Mike Vogel that he was going back home to Russia for his birthday. He actually flew to Mars to make party with the Mars Rover.

Here Diana, Hedda, and Rosannah illustrate how Ovi’s birthday would go if he would have stayed in DC this year. Tennis birthday!!!!! best!!)))))

@HockeyHourly‘s Geoff T. illegally dug through some mailboxes and found Gary Bettman’s birthday card for Ovechkin.

hahahahaha fire. Via some guy named Ian O.

Ashley B draws the Russian machine daydreaming about his favorite healthy snack.

Some guy named Peter H. used his iPad to make this gem. I’m not really sure what’s going on here: there’s a giant two-legged dog with a pink field hockey stick and clown make-up on, a moon with sun glasses, stars, and a Russian hat. [Ed note: Yep. You nailed it. -P]

Well, at least Lord Stanley Alexander the Eight won’t be locked out all day. Via Lisa M.

Wow. Ovi’s hair grew back really fast. Nice headband! Via Hockeyshopped’s Brendan Sheridan.

@BatmanEatsBabies offers some diet tips to the Russian machine during his big day.

The lovely and talented Justine K did this fantastic painting of Ovi for his birthday. Way to go!

Misty’s 7-year-old son Cooper is already growing his facial hair for this year’s playoffs, if there even are playoffs this year.

Elizabeth H cutely draws The Great Eight’s signature smile.

If there were actually hockey, this would be how the eights on Ovi’s jersey would be decorated. Via Perri M.

It’s not just Ovechkin’s birthday, it’s also Quentin R’s. From all of us here at RMNB, Happy Birthday, dude!

Miranda shows that Ovi’s decision to go home to Russia this year to celebrate his birthday wasn’t that hard of a decision after all.

Tim presents Ovi’s new celebration: The ‘Hot Cake.’

Here’s Brooke’s hand drawn card for Ovechkin.

We love Danielle S.’s card. Though she forgot to mention Ovi’s also the world’s great rapper too!

Jessie N shows us that three Ovechtricks equals 27. Awesome.

Finally, we share Mahesh P’s tradition. Every year when it’s Ovi’s birthday, he has a hockey-themed birthday cake made and his family eats it on the Russian machine’s birthday. These are the types of people I want to be friends with.

REMINDER: Make sure to vote for your favorite card on our Facebook fan page at 10am.

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