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On Tuesday, Michal Neuvirth completed a deal to play for his former team HC Sparta Praha of the Czech Extraliga during the NHL lockout. Well, now he has some new goalie gear to work in too.

The top of Neuvy’s new bucket.

Wednesday afternoon, Swedish airbrush artist Dave Gunnarsson released photos of a new mask he painted for Neuvirth. The concept, which Gunnarsson described as a “storyteller design,” pays homage to Neuvy’s home country and other goalies he admires.

The left side features a head shot of Czech goalie legend Jiří Holeček. And on the right, Olie Kolzig, one of Neuvirth’s goaltending coaches, has been air-brushed on in his old Capitals gear. I’m guessing that’ll earn him some brownie points — not a bad thing when you’re fighting Braden Holtby for the starting job.

Here’s how Gunnarsson described the new lid:

It is always such a pleasure to paint for the Washington Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth. … The left side of the mask is a tribute to his home country Czech Republic. He also wanted to pay tribute to famous goalies, so here you find the Czech goalie legend Holecek. And just as before the Strekov Castle from his hometown and the Hradcany Prague Castle and more.

The right side is a tribute to his new home country and in particular his new hometown Washington DC. The classic goalie he wanted to pay tribute to here is the Caps legend Kolzig, and of course you also find the old school Caps logo, and much more.

The red and white check pattern on the chin is also a tribute to the Czech flag.

I just love to do a lot of details, stuff you can´t see from distance, but when you come closer and closer you will discover more and more, and the artwork transforms in front of your eyes.

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  • Clare

    suck up!!!

  • @I_Miss_Hockey

    Hopefully we’ll get to see it a Verizon sometime this year. . .

  • Never thought I’d say it, but I just lost respect for both of them! I think they got a little something on thier noses. I don’t remember Zilla ever painting the face of his boss on his helmet.. Not even when he was backing up that loser Jim Carey…

  • Mac

    I think it looks amazing.

  • Wait, you’ve lost respect for him because of this…wow. Neuvy has just done more to show recognition and respect for Olie then the organization has (I.e retiring his number). Olie is a Caps legend and the best goalie this franchise has had, he’s a class act and a great mentor. If Neuvy wanted to represent legend goalies who else could he have possibly put from the Caps. The mask is awesome and to show that much respect and gratitude to people who played your own position is nothing but commendable.